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Yate v Windsor


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2-0 to Windsor final score! I make that 19 points clear! What a run and Chenns scores again!


Great, great, great, great performance to go with it and a SCREAMER by jake parsons. One of the goal's of the season. I've just stopped celebrating!!

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As you may of guessed from the time i posted this morning us travelling had a good day! Some great pubs near to the ground. Sadly we couldnt stay for ladies night but i bet the station was rocking! Certainly better atmosphere than at 11am when some old drunk put on some wonderfully depressing music! All set us up quite nicely for the game! Good turnout from windsor fans and one of the most noisy days too. Great laughs were had with the Yate manager due to him wearing shorts "Top of the league you've got nobbly knees" was the best chant of the day! Wouldnt mind having a stand like that down the meadow in the future! Or candyfloss on sale! Genuis!

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Comment from their Forum...


Yes, a good effort. Plenty of energy and committment from our lads, but in the end there can be no complaints about the result. The first half performance was very positive and we did put them under a lot of pressure for 25 minutes.


They coped with the conditions better, but I think tht was due to them being a better organised side and they were very fit and a lot more experienced. Their strikers were strong and worked hard and were a constant threat. They always outnumbered us at the back and in the second half they stepped up a gear and we rarely threatened.


The match had the feel of a cup game where we were playing a team from a higher division where, with a bit of luck, we might nick a result. I think Reynolds effort that hit the underside of the bar showed us it wasn't going to be our day for luck.


Still, we now know what's needed to win this league

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Sounds like the view of a fan of a decent side that just had to admit we were a better team, nice to read it though and not get some "how are they top of the league, we should have won blah blah blah etc etc" i think he is right about what is needed to win the league, a strong fit team that is good and consistency consistency consistency. As Mrs Cat said at the beginning of the season, the team that loses the fewest games will probably win the league, wouldn't argue with that at the moment.

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What's the link for the Yate forum? the one implied by our site, http://www.yatetownfc.com/forum/, doesn't work (even trying the misspelling http://www.yatetownsc.com/forum/) and there's nothing from their home page.

Edit - found it, thread and forum.


Very decent comment, though, very sportsmanlike.

I know exactly what he means about "the feel of a game where we were playing a team from a higher division... we now know what's needed to win this league". I felt that a few years ago when we played Bashley - we didn't look bad, and put in a fighting performance each time, but they were simply better, and I thought at the time they just looked like clear league winners. So it's nice to think we're now the team in that role.

And another complimentary quote from their forum, may it come true:

The Windsor team didn't really seem to have any weak links and when they inevitably win the division should do well in the premier division next year.
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Nice to hear good things said by other teams fans. One of the Mangotsfeild dart players came to watch us as he had no game and said nice things aswell! We'll have to do more fan vs fan things!

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There ar some very friendly and good fans about and we should indeed try to do more fan v fan things. Darts and pool are clearly the easiest to do as everyone can play darts or pool to some standard or another and nearly all clubs have either a dartboard, pool table or both.

Mangotsfield typified the type of fan you get, passionate about their club but really just there to enjoy it. There's no reason why we can't have another race morning and invite the travelling fans to that as well, anything that gets more people in the clubhouse and money to the club.

If we do manage to go up there will be more travelling fans so this could be the ideal opportunity to try to organise more pre match entertainment. considering the amount of relatively cheap pub games there are we should be able to organise some form of challenge

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