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fans focus match?

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After the brief discussions on a previous thread, it seems that some of us would be interested in a 'FANS FOCUS FORUM' match at the end of this very busy season.


Now that Smudge has drummed up many new posters/members and we have quite a large following on here of players, keepers, managers, referees, ground hoppers, fans, wind up merchants etc etc from the CCL i see this as being a good chance for us all to get together for a fun match and then some grub and beers afetr the match on a lovely spring/summer afternoon.


Was thinking around about late May for the match.....Maybe the 22nd May??


Please let me know if interested and then we can start getting this moving.....


I'm sure i can sort out Cove FC as a venue.


Some of you not so young people may like to volunteer yourselves as the manager and then begin to pick your team. No seven day approaches necessary.....We have some good keepers on here to choose from. Some good defenders. Some rough and tough tacklers. Some excellent forwards.


Lets get this idea going.......

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I am a realist,would not know a good Player if I see one,my Management skills are Zero.But if you need a Gateman thats where I come into my own,weeding Pound Notes out of Tight Kents is my Forte.My record is Second to none,unless your the Refs Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

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Just showing my boys how NOT to take a pen.


I finished both PB and Woodys career with unbelievable pieces of skill although the argument is that Woody finished his own career a few years ago :)

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I am sure I can show my skills on Coves pitch as I have so many times before.



:cheesy (2):



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