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Slough Town 0-1 Hitchin


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Sometimes you don't get what you deserve in football, and tonight that happened. More than deserved at least a point against Hitchin who in fairness were expertly marshalled at the back by Dean Gilbert and 150 year-old Mark Smith.


Just would not fall for us in the box tonight, and was one of those utterley frustrating nights. Just have to hope we get the luck in the box Saturday. Decent support by Hitchin and nice to see them bring a decent following.


Scenario now is we are now OUT of the play-off zone on GOALS SCORED, AND SUTTON MOVE INTO FIFTH POSITION our points and GD are equal


They effectively go into Saturday's game one goal better than us by scoring more goals than us this season.


Scenarios for Saturday are:


- If we win and they lose we are in the play offs.

- If we win and they draw we are in the play offs.

- If we both lose, but they lose by a one goal higher score than we do then we are in the play-off's (ie we lose 1-0 and they lose 2-0)

- If we both win but better Sutton's score by one goal then we are in the play-off's (ie we win 3-1 and they win 3-2)

- If we equal Suttons result they will be in the play offs

- If we both draw Sutton will be in the play-offs on Goals Scored unless we have a ridiculously high scoring draw, which won't happen.


So tight you could not make it up. This type of scenario could only happen to STFC! Just think on Saturday had we found the net instead of hitting the crossbar 3 times we'd be in pole position


Not sure how it's quite come to this as we looked certainties for play-off's earlier in the season and after the Woodford game away in February I thought we may go on and win it. However, that discussion is for another day. Just need to get behind the team saturday and maybe bring a calculator!

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As Chris said, you can't fault the team tonight. So many times the ball jut wouldn't drop for us ad in the final minutes we even had shots hitting our own players. I think Hitchin used up a great slice of any luck that was due to them tonight. That said, they did what they needed to do. Had one shot on target and stole the three points.


It was good to see a half decent away following but who stole their voices? Not a peep out of them all night.

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It was a hugely frustrating night. They were expertly marshalled at the back and looked threatening on the counter act. But they certainly did not deserve all three points. We outplayed them for long periods and created chances but we did not get a break in the final third.


The goal was extremely unlucky as well. Attacking from a long throw as the ball is cleared, Sinclair stumbled on the pitch and they exposed the lack of numbers and pace to score.


I couldn't work out what their game plan was second half as they seemed to settle for one nil. They are hoping that Bury slip up at home to Marlow either that or they are planning on sticking 18 plus passed Rothwell.


Can't criticise anyone tonight as I thought we were excellent. Get the heads up for Saturday and concentrate on getting three points. Come on Rebels.

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What an effort tonight , so glad we went down fighting ...and Hitchin scrapped through..for sure...Jakko did not have a save to make ..but credit to Hitchin for the strong defending...

and they closed Slough down on many many occassions..the slice of luck ran out on Slough Tonight...pray we get our's on Saturday...up the REBELS....


hope the walkers can march onto Sutton Coldfield ...with a belief we can still do it ! fingers crossed...


also Radders let us know how your doing... cheers chris s

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as was touched upon Hitchin's game plan confused me big time. they seemed incredibly delighted at full time yet winning should make little difference to where the title is going. seems they are just gambling that Bury will lose last game. maybe why their "amazing fans" were near silent as well


as for us just did not happen for us did it. Hitchin shut the game down very well in the end but its incredibly frustrating that we ended up losing this game when really our effort deserved easily at least a point. that bit of luck or a piece of magic just didn't quite happen.


and so the playoff spot is pretty much out of our hands now. we just gotta make sure we win Saturday though its really gotta be by more than a goal to stand any realistic chance. all out attack is our only option i'd imagine. lets go flat out at them from the off and just hope its our day. the debate over whether it should have ever come to this is something for after the season ends. whatever will be will be and I'm proud of the drastic improvements we have made. many of us were happy to be comfortably mid table come this time of the season lets not forget that.

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as was touched upon Hitchin's game plan confused me big time. they seemed incredibly delighted at full time yet winning should make little difference to where the title is going. seems they are just gambling that Bury will lose last game. maybe why their "amazing fans" were near silent as well


I think our game plan was fairly clear, all we can do is keep winning to put pressure on Bury. It's Bury's title to lose, all we can do is keep winning which is what we did, just !


Our situation is a bit like yours, if Bury win on Saturday and they should beat Marlow at home, it's the play-off's for us. But winning is a good habit to get into and we just want to keep on winning.

We had to win last night to have any chance of catching Bury and keeping the pressure on. Also when you look at the fixtures at the start of the season, you think Slough away, that will be tough and it was.

Your situation is slightly easier as if you win your game by a bigger margin than Sutton Coldfield, then you make the play-off's, where Bury have an 18 goal better goal difference than us so that won't come into it.

Both our clubs need results elsewhere to go in our favour.


I haven't seen Sutton Coldfield play but have been impressed with Slough on both occasions this season. You have some very good players, certainly moved the ball about better than us last night and our keeper was by far the busiest. With 20 minutes to go I think we had settled for the result and made changes accordingly whilst your team gave it their best shot, encouraged by your excellent and very vocal fans. Sorry we don't do loud noise but we do 'delighted to win at full time'.


Good luck on Saturday, will we be meeting up again next Tuesday, maybe?

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I think last night was a microcosm of Slough's season that has got them into the position they are in.


Whilst the team is certainly capable of being in the top 5 (or 6 as it is now) the difference is both defensively and attacking. Slough have conceded too many and not scored enough. Hitchin had 1 clear chance all game, took it and shut up shop. Slough certainly worked Bennett in the Hitchin goal, more so than in some of the keepers in the recently games, but they were denied that one opportunity that Lewis took for Hitchin.


Unfortunately its that small difference that has cost Slough. Too often they have conceded the one goal that has cost them a point or all 3. It has shown in their results against the other top teams.


Still all is not lost yet, lets hope Craig O'Connor has the game of his life and bags a few this weekend!

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I agree we were so unlucky tonight, and much like against Bury and Burnham we played so well but came away with little. Last night we were actually creating the chances which was a great improvement on recent games, and we did not deserve to lose.

Just got to go for it and try to win big on Saturday, we have nothing to lose now!

The important thing is that the fans are behind the time for the full 90 and also after the game show them that we are proud of them for giving us a great season, compared to the last few, regardless of whether we get to the playoffs or not.

Come on Rebels, give us a fighting finish!



Oh yes, and come on Beaconsfield!

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