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21/4/10 Results.


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Colliers Wood 1 Sandhurst 2


Colliers Wood better team in first half. We created a couple of chances but didn't test the goalkeepers. Wood caused problems for our defence but only had two shots on target which one was converted just before half time.


With the management staffs' words still ringing in our ears, we played better second half equalising shortly after the restart when a low cross from the left was put into his own net by the left back.


Both teams intent on trying to win the game and forcing good saves from both keepers, one notible save from the Wood goalie from close range.


We won it with a free kick that went in off the bar with 5 to go.


Referee - Andy Roberts - have never liked him and that will never change based on last nights performance.

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Thought we were worth a draw.

Decent game with Danny Wilde outstanding for Sandhurst as was Sam Mead at the back for us.

All was going well until the ref got far too busy in the last 10 minutes.

Cracking free kick by the late arriving Sam Jeffrey to win the game but a catalogue of ref errors (who had been OK up until then mostly) leading up to that free kick.

Vale came from 2 down to win and are 5 points ahead of Wood.

Running out of games now!

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Would be a shame if you were relegated. I know you've had problems with your pitch but we played CWU 1st game of the season and i thought the pitch was in excellent condition and the best it had looked in years!!


Shame we have to cue for an hour towards that Robin Hood Roundabout thingy. The pitch is 20yds on the other side of the barrier but you cant get to it!! And then if you miss the turning you've either got to go back round again or do what i did...........


reverse all the way back up the A3 ! :ignore:

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Cheers Jonno.


We aren't playing badly most of the time, just lacking the goals really that our play merits.

We have Egham on Saturday which will be tough. We did well there for 80 minutes but they are strong!

Then off to Bedfont before 4 home games in 8 days against Dorking, Badshot Lea, Bookham and Bedfont (again).

We think the games v Bookham and Dorking are crucial as it would appear that 3rd from bottom may be reprieved.


If it is div 1 for us next year then so be it. We will still run our Suburban side and under 18's in any event and some of the current under 18's are pretty good.

We are all optimistic about the remaining games but legs will be tested, especially if it really warms up weather wise! :rockon: :492: :290:

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Chris, is Peter Scutchings still involved with you guys?

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Never warmed up on the CWU pitch.....ever!!


Got a good facility next door so dont see the point really. Why bugger the pitch up even more?


don't see how it can be ruined at this stage of the season. I can understand at the beginning or when it is wet.

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In all fairness the CW pitch was not as bad last night as it was last season! Ref on the other hand was terrible - wanted to be one of the lads and strutted around the pitch with his chewing gum in making snide comments. He pissed off a few of the CW players at the end with a comment he allegedly made about one of their players! The angry ginger lad really wasn't happy!

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