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David Holden

Adam Miller's Red Card

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Management obviously disagreed with Fleetman's view then (see Tuesday game on TFFC, thread) - still sounds as though it may be difficult to win the case, if its even a little unclear as to intent, as I suspect the FA would go with the refs decision on the night.

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As I have said on many a post over the years.....the little guys don't win against the FA....be it the KCFA or the real FA.....don't expect F*** A** !!!!

Five years ago this weekend...Alcock took a dive...did he get booked ? Although the mighty Owls won that game..I suspect they never really recovered from that.

Nice to know that Pleat is in charge of Spurs....beware all you Spurs fans....even though you managed to scrape a point at Man c. this arvo....he started the decline of Sheff W !!!!


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