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A quick heads up and some advice for people that are travelling by car to Cricklefields on Saturday....... the car park outside the ground has reduced by about 2/3rds due to the building work on the new school etc so it'll be very tight squeeze getting all your vehicles in.


Arrive early is my advice.. I beleive its free to park from 1230pm on Saturday.


last night Ilford v Romford had 70ish watching and it was busy so with 150-200 people in attendance it'll be really busy !


Not sure what the controlled parking is like on the area around seven kings on a saturday.


The pitch is like a bowling green.....not!


Here's to another 3 points!




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There is not free parking in the local streets after 12:30 I had to pay last time when I parked at the other side of the cemetery. Also visitor's parking in not plentiful.


I have written to the club enquiring about disabled parking and will report here the response I get. I assume we will be allowed through the gates of the club and park behind the stand.

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Response from Ilford


There is disabled parking as you drive up to the clubhouse entrance. Drive all the way up to the gates leading into the clubhouse and you will be able to park there but let waltham forest know you are coming ...



Manager Ilford FC.

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OK - done a bit of Google Streetview research on the local area. If you can't get in the car park, there is free parking to the South of the ground, in South Park Road, South Park Drive and the roads immediately to the east. It;'s a bit of a walk back to the ground along Highbury Gardens, unless there is a rear entrance to Crickefields that I don't know about.


Have a look on Google maps or similar. Postcode is IG3 1UE. Good luck!

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You could always try arriving at a full car park just as three people get in their cars and leave.


Works for some people!!

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