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IF YOU'RE GETTING.................

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....... a bit bored with all the Guernsey and Windsor bashing on this esteemed CoCo Forum, (probably now the busiest on this site), then I suggest a quick trip over to




There have been some really hilarious posts and comments on there of late.


I actually laughed until I cried at one of them yesterday.

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Taking our punters away B.J.R.,The strange thing is Windsor and Guernsey are topical.And as is our want,we like to knock the successful.But at the same time we praise others.I find it strange that the topic is pinned though,firstly it is not C.C.L.Secondly a lot of it is not funny,how can it be with 2 of the biggest bores on Fans Focus i.e Rhodes and Eastside Urchin contributing.As everyone is aware threads can be started by anyone,and is welcomed.The final point that annoys me is I asked for the Eversley Lights application thread to be pinned,it was not.But your thread was.

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I certainly didn't ask for it to be pinned.


I just thought SOME of you might find one or two of the posts amusing.


Oh well - It must just be my sense of humour !

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