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MARGATE vs Leatherhead


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If you can't be at Hartsdown Park today we have coverage via Twitter:




Plus the Margate line up, latest score and scores from around the Ryman Premier:



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Well we didnt lose, but saying that we never really looked like winning either. If we cant start playing football that entertains then Im afraid attendancies will drop sharply and people will go else where for their £10s worth of afternoon entertainment i.e. cinema etc cos we looked like we were below Bleatherhead in the league and they were quite happy with a point - happy NO. Roll on next season.

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I agree it was the worst game I've seen as well - total and utter dross - if we played football properly we could have convincingly beaten them - hoof, hoof, hoof. Bad atmosphere around the place as well which is not surprising I suppose. The catering is going from bad to worse as well - the only ground i've ever been to with no pies for sale - not a crisp in the bar & not too many people in there either - the ladies on the van are friendly enough but the state of the side table with dirty spoons in dirty water to stir your tea with made me cringe - the hot chocolate I purchased to avoid the tea was like dishwater. Are more volunteers wanted as I didn't see quite a few of the regulars today & if so to do what exactly ?

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A game of First's.

1) First time i had seen Wade Small( looked in need of fitness)


2) First time this season I had sat in the stand.


and 3) The 1st time i have ever fallen a sleep at a football match.Closed my eyes for a few moments and missed (bad word because nothing happened or so i was told) about 10 minutes of the second 1/2. Ah well must have needed it.


Lawrence Ball was M-o-m for me. Mr Consistent. Nice to see Dean Hill back again. Pity there is no confidence in the man behind them.


Questions. Why o Why leave it so late bringing Murphy and Bodkin on? Why not bring on Birchall as well and play Murphy in the middle. Nice to see some football once Murphy came on.

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Agree Graeme.Bodkin,Burchell & Murphy are automatic starters in my eyes. Why oh why have all 3 on the bench?

I know some players don't last 90 minutes but they SHOULD last 90 minutes. If they were in anyway injured they shouldn't be on the bench so why put them there.

IF they are to be on the bench,yesterday was a prime example of needing to change things, but not so late on that it cannot create anything. All these three can make things happen. No-one out there yesterday could do that.

This is not the time to experiment.We had our best run when we had a similar eleven out there on a regular basis. One player departing shouldn't change things apart from bringing in a replacement to the best on offer.

The only thing I thought was spot on was reverting Ball back into central defence. He dosent back off defenders there as he does at full back & his heading ability is second-to-none. My m.o.t.m. too by a long way.

When Bodkin came on he immediately went into a full backs role or thats what it looked like to me. He should have gone out wide on the right.

We had no-one out there on either wings yesterday to cause them problems. It was left to our midfielders to move up & take those responsibilities out wide.

Bradbrook is way way out of sorts & nothing like the player he once was. Don't tell me he's not fit yet that won't wash with me. It is he that should be on the bench.Going back to the for m.o.t.m. award. Well, I really dont see how the sponsors came up with their decision. Beats me!

Play your best X1 from the start thats what I say.Get in front & stay in front and if things need changing don't wait before we go behind to bring any subs/fresh legs on.

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I am no CK sychophant ,but i can see the case for playing exactly the team he did yesterday.


Is'nt football a team game-and whilst Bodkin ,murphy and burchell are decent individual footballers-is this not about what the team can produce together-and for me-yesterdays team gives a much better balance than playing those players.

Arguably burchel a bit unlucky not to play-but CK has to give small Wade a chance.


Stubbs-may not have the deft skills of bodkin-but beter all round game-can do defensive duties and better set ball/corner delivery for example .

Murphy-only seen him 70 mins-but is he another one who flatters to deceive?


can see the point about getting the ball wide-but games are concentrated in middle of pitch -so thats where you need the numbers.

its ok getting the ball wide-but then you need real quality in the centre to convert-and frankly-we have not got that-so pointless getting the ball wide in the first place-play to the percentages.


again-you need balancein the team-and its what the 11 players can achieve together.


(no sign of wilson yesterday-odd when no reserve game either !)

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