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Walk to Maidstone United in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust

Fat Tom Daley

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As a part of our ongoing fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust we are looking for volunteers to walk to our away game at Maidstone United on Sat 23rd Nov. We will be leaving Friday morning and stay overnight in an hotel somewhere in Kent and walk the remainder on Saturday. If you want to take part please let me know so we can work out the numbers. We have had a few volunteers already.





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Won't have to walk over yhe Qe2 bridge will we?

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Me and my dad have got a brief order of events for the walk below. 


Friday 22nd November


  • Leave Stadium 8am walk the 13.2 miles to Tilbury and get ferry to Gravesend . 


  • Ferry costs £3.50 each or if we have 10 then its £20 all in. I have timetable but recon we will catch either the 12:42 or 13.12pm (they run every 30 mins)


  • Walk from Gravesend to Rochester 8.0 miles and stay in hotel I have a list about £44 per room per night.


  • Few beers and eat in Rochester


Saturday 23rd November


  • Leave hotel at 9:30am and walk the 9.1 miles to Maidstone should get these 12:30/1pm


  • Watch game then get lifts back or train.


We are going to approach the romford recorder and maidstone about our fundraising event. The maps we have looked at said its best to get the ferry (i.e. because of walking)

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I'll walk

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You did say walkers Jordan?

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Gonna need two legs rob

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