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The new club shop will be open shortly - sorry but I cannot give a definite date.


A number of people have asked if we can get short-sleeved polo shirts, and if there is enough interest I will order some.


What size and what colour would you like?


Price is likely to be around £25 including the club badge and VAT for adult sizes and £20 for junior sizes.


As the buying-in price is quite expensive I will only place an order if there is sufficient interest.


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Annie - what colour and what size - let me know on Saturday please.


Re-the replica strip - still waiting - last update was that it should be ready by Tuesday. I will phone you or Ian when they come in.


I have not ordered any goalkeeper's shirts as no one ever seems to want them.

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Jago - Annie


I have just spoken to Pat at Prokit and he tells me he can get the polo shirts in about a week, so I will hold on until Monday in case anyone else wants anything and then place the order.


Re-goalkeeper's shirts (purple) he also thinks this could take about a week, but is subject to the supplier sending the shirt to Prokit.


if anyone else wants polo shirts please let me know as soon as possible.

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ProKit contacted me today (14th December) and said that I can collect the polo shirts and the goalkeeper's shirt this week, so they will be in the club shop on Saturday for collection.


Just to remind everyone -

Annie - goalkeeper's jersey and red polo

Ian - red polo

Barry - one red and one white

Blackballed - one white and one black

Jago - one navy and one black

Geordie - one navy and one white

Rob Burgess - one navy


Sorry but I don't yet know the price of the polo shirts - it will be somewhere between £20 and £25 depending on what I have to pay for them (I have not as yet got the invoice)

Not sure how much the goalkeeper's will be either, but I will phone Ian when I find out.

Annie - I have also asked them to put the sponsor logo on the GK shirt.

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