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Ben Abbey

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Have to agree, today Ben Abbey looked the better of all our players.



Charles Webster said:

When I interviewed Andy for the Non League Paper after the game he said Ben was on crutches, nothing was broken but he could be out for three or four weeks.Andy was not happy. Changes on the horizon..


Ben will be missed unless we pick up a decent striker (or two!) next week.. I'm a Louie Evans fan but I don't think he can cut it up front for us, just maybe from midfield. Pinnock is definitely not good enough and that was evidenced further last Tues.


Andy was not happy! Who was? apart from WSM & their handful of fans.


Changes??? Is he going to release a dozen or so players in our squad who are just not good enough (even against lower opposition) and reduce the wage bill? or maybe he's going to resign because he signed them all!??


OK, a good result here and there but the team is just not good enough. I think the Margate games lifted us all but, let's be honest, the 'Git' were so poor they made us look good. A quality team would have buried Margate by half time in both games.






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Were Chester also poor and make us look good then? I think not! <img src="/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" /> If Andy remembers that he to is allowed to make substitutions, then we may fare better.


Andy is a good manager, though he does need to do something about the "oh we have scored, time for a nap lads" attitude.

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Beat me to it Slarti...


Drury is good player but could be great if he kept his head up for 90 mins and played more simple passes instead of fancy flicks etc..,

Oh and a little bit more work wouldn't go a miss either. A player that needs a bit of quality coaching to realise his undoubted potential.


Rob Owen doesn't appear to have regained his ealier form probably due to being played out of position also. Difficult choice between Perks, Owen and Drury and even Walshie is not up to his usual standard of late.


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Totally agree, the earlier criticism of Pat Gradley is totally unmerited. He has done extremely well when called upon. As a young player he does not need those sorts of comments. Great work rate, keeps it nice and simple (ie doesn't give the ball away which was our greatest sin yesterday) and tackles well.

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There's a tendency to start looking for scapegoats on the field,let's face it their every move is being scrutinised ,so if they have an off day(s) it'll be spotted pretty damn quickly.Where as if there are problems in the management and coaching side of things, a lack of motivation or communication how is the average fan to know?

It does no good to get on individual players backs if you want them to perform,we all(or most of us )have to work for a living and negative comments from anyone nearly always has an adverse effect on the person concerned,I admit I can be as guilty as anyone for doing just that in the heat of the moment.


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Why is McClements in the team, we all saw how bad he was on saturday, and besides, Skinner is far stronger. Why not play Haworth on his own up front and slot Drury in behind him, because from what I've heard, and read, this is where he prefers to play. Simpler football is needed all round, and we need to keep the ball on the deck.

<img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/angel.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" />

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Terrific news about Ben's injury not being too serious. It's a shame it happened just at the time he was running into some form, scoring goals and starting to win over the crowd. I'm sure everyone wishes Ben a speedy recovery and hope to see him playing again sooner rather than later.

Despite all his critics, we will miss him.

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I am not a critic....always knew he had the potential to be class !


As you say, a shame it happened Saturday...I reckon he would have got another couple of goals in his current form !!


How come the Neanderthal number 4 did not get sent off for that challenge ? ..and don't tell me it wasn't a goal scoring opportunity ! If Alvin Martin can get sent off for bringing down Mark Bright on the halfway line ( and Ben's got more pace than Brighty !)...then I am sure that that tackle warranted a red card !! If that was Skins, I bet he'd be sent down down the tunnel straight

away !!


Hope Ben makes a speedy recovery.




bow.gif bow.gif bow.gif bow.gif

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