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Masks now Mandatory in Seated Stands

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This morning the club and the Supporters' Association met to discuss further match day COVID protocols following an inspection by Havering Council. From this inspection, we now need to implement further measures.

From our next home game against Carshalton Athletic it now be mandatory to wear masks while seated in the stands. Our seating arrangements will be re-arranged to suit the 1m + rule. Certain seats will not be in use and will be taped off. 

The reason for this and the difference to other clubs is due to the unique nature of our ground. As you cannot stand behind the goals, this greatly reduces the available space available for social distancing. In order to maintain our capacity, we need to use as many seats as possible. 

This is something we wished we did not have to do but it is beyond our control.

Further to this online ticketing will now be available for all future games. Cash and Card payments on the day will also be available. 

The new screening process which was introduced v Wingate will remain and will be unchanged. However please try and get to the ground a minimum of 30mins before kick off. If you arrive later, we cannot guarantee you will see kick off. 

We hope everyone understands. Simply put, if these measures aren't in place and enforced, we could see a greatly reduced capacity imposed by the local authorities. Worse case even no fans. 

We are also in need for volunteers. If you would like to help, send an email to hfcsa@hornchurchfc.com 


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In addition, social distancing on the terracing currently does not require the wearing of masks.

However social distancing requires improvement. If not, the wearing of masks could be implemented. 

The bar will be table service only on a first come, first serve basis. 

The boardroom will also continue to be open for takeaways. 

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Well it's a small price to pay in the scheme of things - we could easily have ended up with no football to watch at all at our level (as per the Conference National and South).

31 minutes ago, kimbles left foot said:

Joking aside well done for a professional approach.

I agree - I thought the arrangements v Wingate on Tuesday were really well thought through and professionally implemented.

For those that don't know, many of the Supporters' Association team missed most of the first half as the Covid checks had to stay in place until half time.  So they missed both our goals and saw all 3 of Wingate's!  And if they were at Kingstonian I suspect they will be volunteering to miss the Carshalton game!



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Yes, a big thank you to all those who worked so hard on Tuesday to get our game on with Mrs Council in attendance. It is a shame when such loyal fans have to miss much of the play.  ( Echoing Jago's comments though,  staying outside in the second half on Tuesday would have been more entertaining!)

Cray's( well Bromley's) new big stand didn't even have crosses and ticks today but it is huge enough for people to spread. 

Ironic that Cray could play today with a fairly large crowd but Bromley can only have zero!

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