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Dickson signs for Cray


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54 minutes ago, kimbles left foot said:

Gets goals which is something we are currently struggling with.

On a separate note we really need some new signings in the squad for the weekend if our injury crisis hasn't improved. We've been light at the back last 5 weeks yet haven't added and infact lost a defender in Statham? 

Agreed but at least against Corinthian Casuals we were creating good chances.

Hopefully Mickey Parcell and Remi Sutton will both be able to start on Saturday.

Maxwell Statham has joined Welling. 

What has happened to Tommy Conney? Played for an hour, booked and taken off against East Thurrock and not seen him since.

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41 minutes ago, kimbles left foot said:

It will be a big boost if they are both able to start next match. Both obviously improve us defensively however going forward is where I believe we have missed them most.

Unsure on cooney - Also Wilberforce seems to have disappeared too.

Wilberforce was signed on a dual registration with London Colney and I assumed with the signing of Billy Bricknell that he has gone back there.

If we have both available, we can push both Ellis Brown and Jili Buyabu up front and with Liam Nash in the middle.

I think there is enough pace and ability with that combination to trouble any defence in our division.

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2 hours ago, kimbles left foot said:

I ment in terms of a squad player but yep ideally Remi 😅

I imagine it would be difficult to recruit a specialist left back without giving him playing time and if Remi stays fit Ronnie Winn could be a useful backup from what I have seen this season so far. 
But getting a left back who can also play either as a central defender or right back would be a very welcome addition to for sure.

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