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Aveley 2-1 Hornchurch

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Well hopefully we never have to face them again even if that means they go up to the national league prem. First half we deserved the lead but the last 15 minutes we couldn’t get out and they deserved the equaliser. Then from there we didn’t really recover. They are very good at what they do, there’s a reason they sit 4th in the national league south and that’s the level we need to get to. Was a much more competitive game than last season where we offered nothing, Saunders was really good but in the end good teams find a way to win.

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First of all , excellent respect shown to Les for the minute’s silence by both sets of supporters - you could have heard a pin drop. 

As for the game , saw it as up the chins did. Aveley are a good side and we would have needed a full side to beat them (we came close on Saturday). We just ran out of steam and Aveley had more to offer in terms of subs. Credit to Morro and the guys for being as competitive as long as they did. What I think this demonstrates is that going up a level isn’t going to be a massive issue for us. Hope they can rest up and take stock before Saturday.

What makes them (Aveley) unpopular is the play acting and trying to con the ref all the time, they don’t need to do it as they can play really well but they feel the need to do that anyway. I too am glad we won’t be playing them again for a while. 

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4 minutes ago, MikeMike said:

Be careful what you wish for. If we beat Leiston on Saturday we might get Aveley in the next round of the FA Trophy.

Just thinking the trophy is still a possibility. I don’t think I’ll go if we do get them 

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Good luck to Aveley, i wish them well in the next round. It is a shame we did not have our full squad available. I still feel we need another central midfielder with presence (Lewwis Spence). Tom and Joe ran their hearts out but were dominated in the centre of the pitch and the ball was straight back on our defence.


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