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Urchins visit the Hipsters of Dulwich

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Well another three points and a great game for all.

My first trip to DH, an amazing ground, great food and a great crowd, who do more drinking and chatting than actually watch the football.

First half was pretty much equal and we scored a good goal after a great run from Femi, feeding the ball across the goal mouth for Ollie to tap it in. 

Second half and some good pressure from DH led to an amazing equaliser  and on 60 minutes a new signing Mauro Da Silva Vilhete makes his debut. DH's continued pressure they took the lead at about 73 mins.

A changed was needed and a master stroke of subs taking off both full backs and going to a back three and brought on Tommy and Lewis Manor and a more 3-5-2 attacking option. Boy did it pay off within minutes and a deserved equaliser from Sean, before a deserved goal from debutante Mauro Da Silva Vilhete to claim all three points.

Great game, one which I will remember for a while.

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Overpriced food and oversized clothes was the order of the day. 
I for one won’t be disappointed to not return there for some time, bumper crowd zero atmosphere.

Slow first half by Hornchurch but a great goal to get in front. Excellent subs in the second half and great use of the squad, they had a real impact and got us right back into it and the 3 points.

Scannel really showing his class the last few weeks and an impressive debut by Mr Utility.

up the chins!

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Best win of the season. They’re a good side and I think it’s taken them a while to gel together but that’s not an easy place to go. Probably was a tad harsh on them but who cares we found a way to win and that’s what good teams do. The two changes in Manor and Vilhete who looked a real good player changed the game. Scannell good as ever, can’t fault the defence today, they worked their socks off, it took two really good goals to unlock us and Dion was brilliant, made some really good saves. Massive win. Agree with the crowd, I honestly think half of them don’t even care about the game, they’re more interested in having a conversation with each other about what they got up to during the week. Onto Haringey.

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Dulwich are a big, physical side and also use the whole width of the pitch effectively as well, switching it diagonally from right to left. They are a good team.  Really tough game but agree with the subs making a difference. Defence great, super one handed save from Dion in the first half , great bit of skill from the hard working Femi to set up the first goal (where the hell did Ollie come from to knock that in!). At 2-1 down you fear the worst but the classy Sean Scannell smashed an unstoppable shot and Mr Utility came in for a winner . As we were all talking about a draw before the game , to come away from there with 3 points is a real bonus and 3 of the top 5 dropped points with only Chatham winning. Great day topped off with the rainbow over the ground in the second half. Not my idea of a football ground there to be honest but it takes all sorts. Great win and another very dangerous away ground dealt with (although we might need to watch out for a Sam Higgins inspired Canvey now!) COYU

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Want to start by saying today was the best away game i’ve ever been to. Perfect from start to finish, even when we were 2-1 we had that drive. Fans were incredible, journey back was class.

The dulwich fans were awfully poor considering their numbers. 2500 of them and not a peep all game. Not a single chant.

Obviously only here for the fancy food (the urchin burger still tops it) and their trendy hipster shite. 

As for the game, we played well, really pleased to see da silva get a debut goal. Their keepers kicking really was awful and so was his arrogance. The knee slide was just unnecessary 

Days like this are the reason why i adore this club and this club only. COYU

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What a fantastic team performance, Dulwich lumping ball up long all time and made it hard for us to play through them but the team did it and the double sub to change it up was a masterstroke.

As for Dulwich fans you got more noise in a library no atmosphere other than an army of urchins singing.

And more importantly looks as if a lot of our injured players are coming back to fitness ready for the final runn in

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