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ETFC to join the Ryman League

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according to the Enfield Gazette


"Enfield Town have been invited to join the Ryman League next season


Town Chairman Dave Bryant revealed that the club could be playing Ryman division two football in 2004-05...


" we have been invited to join and have expressed an interest if we're not promoted....."


articles goes on



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Will make for an interesting Trust meeting to put it to the vote.


However, I see no reason though that the ESL will release any club (and particularly its more successful ones with spending power) in receipt of such an offer, especially if its more than one as suggested elsewhere. For club chairmen it will be like turkey's voting for Xmas!



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And Red Rum will win next years national! (but another 6 points would do nicely)


What a great acheivement, to go from playing on an open field to Ryman B in 3 years.


so much acheived; by such committed people (some of whom should be committed but care in the community would not allow it!!!)



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Re Ryman League

My understanding is the Ryman have invited various clubs including AFC Wimbledon,ETFC and Potters Bar in to Division 2 but all grounds must be upgraded to the relevant standard before April 1st 2005 or they will be kicked out back into a feeder league such as the ESL,therefore Ilford should stay where they are because I doubt they'll get the ground ready in time for next year..!!


Re: The league

If and thats a big IF Ilford beat Basildon tomorrow then the foxes will finish runners up on goal difference with ETFC third.




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Foxy -

re The league

don't you have to play Hullbridge and APSA? what if you dropped points at one of those?


but yeah, ur right if you win tomorrow then u should take second spot


re Ryman

Like a lot of things the waters are a bit murky and i'm surely clarity will follow, hopefully before the end of July !!



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Foxy-do I detect a bit of cynicism about Ilford's ground developing skills?


I seem to recall that not many weeks ago you were ridiculing anybody who had the temerity to question the club's ambitions, etc.


Is that a bit of egg on your face we can see?


But, do tell what the players' reactions was when they found they weren't going anywhere!

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Excuse me! I have indicated that ETFC can still win the league and I have betting form to prove how good my forecasts are.




Germany to win the 1966 World cup

Benfica to beat Manutd in the European Cup

Eddie the Eagle to win the ski jumping gold medal

W Indies to beat England 4 - 0 at cricket this year.


Need I go on?


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According to Mr Lge Chairman on another thread, FA rules prohibit clubs moving sideways, in which case it would not be possible to move into Ryman 2.


Frankly, I wouldn't get too excited about this lads, not just yet. No doubt all thgis sort of thing was discused at the bigwigs meeting the other night, and all will be revealed in due course.


Our best bet is to finish runners-up and try to weasel into Ryman 1N.


But I wonder what league EFC will be in next season.......

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Runners up do not get automatic promotion to R1N or equivilant.


My understanding is that there are two places for teams from our level; and 4 leagues; so champions with good enough grounds will go up; then others, in runners up spot will be considered.


Appreciate a lot will change between now and August; but a move into a nationally recognised part of the pyramid has got to be a posiitve.



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My understanding is that ETFC will definitely be leaving the ESL at the end of this season. I hope this is indeed the case. Where does it leave the ESL if both Ilford & ETFC leave? It almost seems a shame as the league has clearly grown stronger over the last year with teams such as Sawbo and Waltham Abbey producing a string of great results without promotion to play for.

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Gonzo - a first, I agree with you. (I think)


ETFC want to leave ESL, and Ryman have made the invite; QED.


The board of ESL acheive nothing by holding teams that do not want to belong. Let's be realistic, the ETFC crowds would reduce dramatically if we stay in the ESL, and therefore the benefit to the league would also diminish.


Rightly or wrongly ETFC see Ryman 2 as a step in the right direction. Personally I think it would be great; a reward for the people who this game is all about, the supporters. The same ones that run our club and have built our ground.


ESL has been a good starting point for us but now is a good time to move on.


(A coupl eof seasons ago Burton changed leagues in order to win promotion to the conference)



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Players at Ilford were gutted when they got the news and felt let down by the club.


Egg on the face, beer sponsor? A little, but you have a short memory. 12 months ago your players were [***!!***] on aswell, winning the title, but to be told your ground wasn't up to scratch.


Well done for the ground work completed this season, superb effort. Its now down to your players to get you in the RYMAN.


By the way isn't that the same RYMAN Div 2 that most of you knocked Leyton for entering? RYMAN Premier for that lot next season, so maybe it won't be the worst move. I think you'll have your work cut out to match their success though.

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Ryman 2 is Ok but Ryman 1 would be better. Where is the justice in Town being asked to join Ryman 2 and Enfield FC being asked to stay in Ryman 1 when by rights they should have been relegated. I'd like to have overtaken them this season, but it would the appear the wheels of football grind exceedingly slowwwww!

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