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Big Ron

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Ron Atkinson has resigned from ITV Sport over a racist comment he made off-air about Marcel Desailly last night. The Guardian for whom he writes a column, have said they are very keen to discuss the matter with him, meaning he is set for the chop.


Any ideas about what Big Ron has said to get himself into so much trouble?


Is this further proof of the politically correct taking over the country?

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I must say that I had a good chuckle when I saw his comments, can't imagine what sort of conversation he was having with the co-commentator!! That said, they are disgraceful things to say on-air. Big Ron is a twat of the highest order and he certainly won't be missed from ITV commentary. My only fear is that the kerb crawler Pleat will now become ITV's main "pundit".

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Graham TAYLOR who I think you mean VR, seems to summarise every match on Five Live at the moments so don't see him getting involved. David Pleat should not be allowed to speak unless he finally learns how to say McManaman.


Besides which, they will need to find another pundit who is hugely biased toward Man United.

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I offer no apologies for Ron. However, the Sun may have glossed the story up (as usual). Roin came on talk Sport this morning and claimed that he mutterred a couple of rascist comments to himself, clearly contradictory to wht the Sun has printed. Ron claimed that he is not rascist and with all the black players he has championed I tend to agree. He claimed that his comments were in the heat of the moment and he has apologised. Yes, he should have resigned but let's not build this up into something that it isn't just for the good of the gutter press.

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I managed to miss him on TalkSport and was hoping like Parry and Brazil that somebody like Cyrille Regis might ring the show and offer his thoughts on what has been said. However, it was a very poor choice of words and have rightly not been tolerated. What he should have said instead was Desailly - Fecking Useless Ba$tard

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Apparently 'Big Ron' announced officially announced last night that he is genuinely sorry for the comments he made and any distress they may have caused.


He said that he is surprised that people have immediately condemned him as a racist and has no idea how people have come to this conclusion.....













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ha ha...what a load of bollox......


this country is going to the fckin dogs...


someone called me curly yesterday...blondie the day before.....whats the fckin difference....


we all say things we shouldn't say in the heat of the moment.....


I've got a white labrador and a brown labrador...I often call the brown one (who's aggressive sometimes) 'n*****' and I call the softie white one 'woofter'....


does that make me a fckin racist.....does it make me discriminatory....


of course it fckn doesn't


racism isn't determined by words...its determined by aggression against a race ...by acts of terrorism and violence against a race or peoples...


try some of these fckn muslin scum poncing off this country preaching hate against the west and threatening our safety for real racism....I know Big Ron and he aint no racist....


you lot will never learn until this country's fcked up by all these pinko whinging liberal layabouts who are determined to destroy it...


put Ron Atkinson into downing street and he'll sort all the fckn [****!!****] out....Bernard Manning could be his No 2.... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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This sort of comment, made intentionally or not, doesn't help when every decent person is trying to kick racism out of sport.


I'm afraid Big Ron has gone of the bottom of my personality list, and I'm NOT saying that as a Chelsea supporter.


We need someone with the personality of the late, great Bobby Moore as a TV pundit !

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Regis was on Talk Sport this morning and commented that Ron was wrong for what he said but diesn't consider him to be racist and would still regard him as a friend. Ron also commented that he was at a dinner just a few weeks ago for the Kick Racsism out of Football campaign. He aint racist, he made a stupid comment in the heat of the moment, has done the right thing and has apologised and resigned. After a while his apology should be accepted and I hope he returns to our screens after a cooing off period.


By the way Unc, I couldn't agree with you more!

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Mark (Flag) Braintree said:
You were thinking of replacements, what about El Tel, he gets a [color:"blue"] regular yank out of the cupboard to be a panelist.

[color:"black"] (Hmmmmmm. Thinks !)

[color:"red"] Is that the same as being pulled off at half time, young Mark ??


<img src="/images/graemlins/arcadefreak.gif" alt="" />
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An interesting proposition


Does making a Racist comment make the person a racist ?


In my opinon.....No, but that will never excuse the person for their comments and in my books they should always be punished !


I do hope though that Big Ron returns to Tv Soon after the storm has blown over as one comment should not tar his who carrer !


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