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Coincidence or fate


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FA cup 3rd qualifiying round Slough v Cheshunt


Fa cup 4th qualifiying round Slough v salisbury



Bryco cup 3rd round Slough v cheshunt


Bryco cup 4th round Slough v salisbury.


Therfore judging on the fa cup we will get nocked out in the semis by yeading and beat walton and hersham being nearest name in the next round

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I'd like to say it was coincidence Mark, but then given that Dover miraculously pulled AFC Wimbledon out of the hat for a home tie in the last round witht hem facing financial peril it wouldn't surprise me greatly to learn that these draws are not completely random

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There are so few teams in the B&B cup that we are bound to play the same sides frequently, and because it is a county cup match they will be local to us!! I suspect the Milton Keynes Dons will feel they have a chance of playing us in the next round.

For this cup we will be away in every match up to the final (if we progress)

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hi domm and all dave here. if we beat wycombe and maidenhead beet the dons we will you guesed it have them again away again doooooooooooooooouwww


take care all


dave programes

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Have been in mourning since the news but am just starting to rebuild my life.


Another coincidence which I have already brought up is that before this season we had only ever played Salisbury once in any competition, the FA Cup in 1982. We beat them in the 4th qualifying round (same this year), went on to beat a league team in the 1st Round (same this year) then lost to a non-league team in the 2nd Round (same this year). It's so spooky that thinking about it almost takes my mind off Busted. I said almost .......... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bawling.gif" alt="" />

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