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Interesting...very interesting

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Toilets are there. They need plumbing in though. Disabled toilets are another issue. Although they do not have to been inside the ground, Brimmo have been saying for a year and a half that one will be installed in the clubhouse.

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When I say that BRFC and ETFC are possibly committing an offence, I mean by contravention of the DDA, in that as service providers they are obliged to have accessible toilet(s) available.

I don't think that perceived breaches of Part III of the DDA are really 'offences, as such. Its for an individual who belives they have been disadvantaged to bring a claim through the civil courts. The court will look to apply a test of reasonableness and proportionality in deciding the outcome. I'm not sure that many cases have yet been brought so there's little or any evidence of how the courts are treating such matters. The important thing, I guess, is for those whose facilities are challenged to recognise that they need to make adjustments wherever they can. That will probably require the courts to take a firm line.

Graemlins inserted by determined 'Sponsor of Soft Drinks'.

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This is true. The whole DDA thing is a bit of a confused mess, frankly. Many companies have apparently gone way over the top and wasted huge sums in unnecessary work.


A defence (if necessary) is likely to be to show that you have carried out an accessibilty audit and seriously addressed the issue, done what you can and identified what can/should be done in future.


Provision of accessible toilet facilities is a basic issue however, and I'm surprised it did not come up under both planning and building regulations. Obviously I am not aware of exactly how these approvals were obtained and so on.

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Interesting...very interesting, reminds me of rowen and martin show, pre 1970,s, the bloke looking through the bushes and saying Interesting...very interesting <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laughuncontrollable.gif" alt="" />

You're showing your age, Zody !!!


The guy you are referring to was the GREAT American comic, Arte Johnson.

And the full quote, is:-

[color:"red"] Interesting...very interesting, but Stoopid !"

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