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Slough Town v Cheshunt MATCH THREAD


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2-0 to Slough (Murphy 45, Hodges 54)!!!!

My dad was at the match - he reckons we were all over them and should've had a hatful!


Up the rebels...


Tim (in Plymouth!)

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hi dom great result i were still friends and talking liz my girlfiend and jenny from college would be upset if we felll out as true slough town supportes through and though. what a game two goals and a hatfull of chaces but its three points all the same and we can look onwards to two far from easy cup games to see if we can get to later rounds and surely to better things and think of leauge points later if we we faulter and go out against wycombe and thurrock which surely would be sad and doutfall' also salisburt at home as well coming up with the hint of more possible silverwhare with the thurrock trophey game surely the one with more punch in it and not so much judy. domm speek to you on here or see you soon at wycombe. to everyone else on here especialy charlie if she can get well soon and everyone else take care or see you on here with posts if anybody whants to talk on here.




dave programes

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Played pretty well today on a muddy stag meadow surface. First half they frustrated us only having one man up top (and getting plenty behind the ball) and our back three only had one to mark. They for some reason changed to 2 up front when 0-0 still and thats when we got more success.


Agree Mets was MOM - think he's been excellent since getting a bit of (I think) very unfair stick against Northwood. Alex again played well and Chopper, Seedel and Josias had excellent second half's. What a defender Hodgey is as well!


Well done Rebs!

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What a defender Hodgey is as well!

He settled well into the defence after diving into challenges in the opening five or ten minutes and chipped in with a goal as well. Fair play to the lad for chipping in for the team and playing out of position.
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No mention of Matt Murphy by anyone which is surprising as I thought in the first half he was our best player. He was also the first player with the ball in front of goal to have a bloody dig at goal (and scored as a result) rather than over elaborating and trying intricate passes which kept getting us nowhere.


I haven't done the adding up but he must be close to being our top scorer so far this season.

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