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Taken from The FA Website

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Following a meeting of the Alliance Committee on Wednesday, to follow are the recommendations to be made as at 11 May 2005 regarding the constitution of the leagues for Season 2005/06.


These recommendations are subject to ratification by the Leagues Committee at their meeting on Thursday 19 May:

Step 3 - Isthmian League Premier Division


AFC Wimbledon

Billericay Town FC

Braintree Town FC

Bromley FC

Chelmsford City FC

East Thurrock United FC

Fisher Athletic FC

Folkestone Invicta FC

Hampton & Richmond Borough FC

Harrow Borough FC

Hendon FC

Heybridge Swifts FC

Leyton FC

Maldon Town FC

Margate FC

Redbridge FC

Slough Town FC

Staines Town FC

Walton & Hersham FC

Wealdstone FC

Windsor & Eton FC

Worthing FC

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Braintree / Wealdstone matches should be fun considering the bad feeling between both Wealdstone supporters and Braintree manegment.


For us, ugh, we have to go to Bromley...If memory serves, the ground has got to be the worst. Looking forward to entertaining Chelmsford again...this time I think we'll spank 'em at Home and Away.


Some nice away games to Worthing and Margate.

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Never been to Bromley.... Of the other newbies, Redbridge is ok, not too bad to get to and the bars not bad. Walton has a running track and is therefore automatically sh*t. Obviously been to Kingstonian before, but it'll be interesting to see Kingsmeadow with 3000 in...Fisher, Margate are also new to me. At least E. Thurrock is easy to get to!

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Redbridge? Isn't That the new name for Ford Utd? Its like driving through a breakers yard to get to the ground. - What a dump no real spectator accommodation on three sides. The burgers were alright as Gazz can prob verify.

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Harrows ground is awful tried to poision us on mass a few years back with uncooked meat im sure gaz rembers the ‘food’ positing I have reasonable memory of the game lost 2-1 relegation season towards the end after SK had come in brought in new players etc looked making play offs and this was a 12 pointer and we delivered the worst performance of the season in my opinon as we had the players were on a run so we had the confidence yet we were dog [****!!****] against a harrow team who are the worst I have seen since Gillingham at Leicester if I ever complain about the quality of one of our games just use the g word it was that bad


During the game we got a pen which danny duely converted to make it 1-1 I mention to lino what about the incrouchment and I quote he wont get near it or words to that a reflection of how bad the GK was


Then someone said ohh well 10 left they’ll come up other end and score someone I went with poss dan s had a fiver bet that they wouldn’t score v quickly after restart I don’t think we even got near the ball


Still enough time for danny to get sent off for calling said lino a [****!!****] after a poor offside on what must have been a frasutring day for the lad against a keeper who was unbelievably poor and who had just had the piss taken out of him by the lino and I know for a fact he claims and probably did hear the linos comment which when if he had a knee hed be playing at a higher level I don’t think is a to bad think to do as it was implied abuse from the lino who had flagged him off all day and I am told he was onside at the time from someone standing out on the wing almost directly behind the lino


As dan would be suspend for a while at crucial stage of the season I preced to give the ref along with a certain regular posting saints fan who probably could pass himself as Peter Crouch erm when he becomes an England legend as I realy think he is that good due to the threat he poses to the oppo in the air giving you something different as rooney big n strong as he maybe hes a midget and the height adds to the legend I think our actions were thoroughly defencable due to ur danny had been treated by a lino who had attacked like a [****!!****]


Eastleigh fan remove that on here we have actual reason to dislike youre football club please refer to AFC D thread post to view theroy it was some Pompey chav


ohh no wait my names not mark i dont own a flag and im not inbred

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webmasteretu said:
you will be our new local derby - as we left the likes of tilbury, great wakering, aveley behind.

''come on the rocks''

Why is a Bognor Regis fan on here?!?! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Fisher look like having an extremely strong squad... A lot of experience at a higher level, would expect they will be challenging near the top. Think they look the pick (in playing terms at least) of the teams joining the league, AFCW not far behind. Obviously there's a long way to go but I think it will be absolutely vital to get off to a good start this season.

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Simon BTFC said:

Fisher look like having an extremely strong squad... A lot of experience at a higher level, would expect they will be challenging near the top. Think they look the pick (in playing terms at least) of the teams joining the league,


Have got some decent players. Think the Piper brothers formerly of St Albans and Farnborough are there, Steve Watts ex Orient forward and think Mark Warren might be playing for them now.


Watch out for East Thurrock. Think they could be a dark horse. Very ambitious side and have some decent players who could make an impact at Ryman Premier level such as Vinnie John, Paul Linger, Danny Hazelden.

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