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mikefleet said:
why dont we ask for this messageboard to be shut down (just the fleet bit) and then everyone will have to go on the new one and people dont have to keep flicking between forums.

Blimey, there's nothing like choice eh?! A tad totalitarian for me I'm afraid fella...
I'm all for supporting the club in most things that they do however, surely the advantage of this site is that it is independent and free from certain restraints that could be imposed?
Do you think that the club site would entertain Daish-out sentiments?
Whilst I don't agree with those posters, I do think that a certain amount of freedom of speech should be allowed.

As with most things though, I shall wait with bated breath and hope that I'm not proved correct...
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I have registered on the new forum, got the email and clicked the link. When I go to the Interactive page it says I am logged in, but the only option I get is "radio Kent live" <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />


Update: I close the browser and opened a new one and it works now!

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