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Don't get dragged in!


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I have noticed you haven't won a match now for a while. Keep drawing and losing! The Gate fell into this last year and we didn't snap out of it till January. Constantly losing or drawing. We lost alot of support due to it and dropped down the table. Luckily enough we were strapped in, in 3rd place so we never reached the relegation zone.

Are you just unlucky in the games- like you are playing good football but the result isn't swinging your way? We had that and it was so irritating!


Good Luck and try and do some scoring.

Your also top of the discipline table- its like watching the Gate in the early days! Your just a few steps behind us!!!!!


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Thanks for the advice chap or indeed chapess.


If I were you I would be a bit concerned about the future of your club and your chairmans comments on Radio Kent.


Would do a link to conf on BBCi but still yet to get the hang of things on this link lark.




If the plans are approved, they will then go before the full council and chairman Jim Parmenter knows the decision is crucial to his club's future.


He told BBC Radio Kent: "We know if we don't have a league standard ground by next year we will be relegated with no prospect of achieving promotion in the future."




I hope you get it all sorted out.

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The planning commitee refused the plans, that means the full council must now be consulted. Not unusual but not ideal either.

Local residents would probably be the mainstay of objection but having been involved in a few recent stadia developments I can't see any other major problems.

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Dave M ,I dont follow your logic .

The full council would not be consulted as they have sub-committees such as a Planning one in place to make their decisions .


If the planning committee ( councillors , not officers ) rejected the application , on behalf of their council , then Margate FC would appeal to the DOE .

This would also have the benefit of lifting the application out of the local political arena .


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Although the attendances aren't to great, the support is better than ever. The loyal 300 or so fans who make most games show more support than the 1000 prats who stand there and shout rude remarks at their own team. Can i ask "Is your ground up to conference standard?" (Could be playing at The Purfleet for a season or two!!!)

When we travelled up couple of weeks ago it didn't really look much better than Hartsdown.

Well, we'll meet again at Xmas for hopefully some good footie!

A.k, A.K.P, A.K.P.O,why release Akpo then? Not good enough? He was never fit while at the Gate- always flamin injured!

Good Luck to you in the rest of your games.


Matty-MFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smilie_switch.gif" alt="" />

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