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Prices for Sunday!!

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I contacted John Moules from the Conference Board ( e-mail below) about the high price for play off tickets and the need to buy tickets in advance. I copy a slightly edited reply from him below. I pointed out in return that I could not really follow his logic, how is £13 an average price.


'The Conference Board decide the Final Ticket pricing based on an

overall average for North/South plus it is a Promotion Final.


There are no restriction on the number of concession tickets (under 16

and senior citizens) available which for previous finals we have had

limited numbers for.


All ticket match due to strict segregation requirements for a non

policed fixture at the stadium. The alternative high police costs with no



It is easy to be critical but when you have to be responsible for

decision making then it becomes much more difficult to please everyone




John Moules


Operations Director




The Football Conference Ltd


51 Highfield Road








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Laz EFM said:
We have the main stand and the north terrace.

Is the north terrace standing only?
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Are we not allowed in the terrace at the side? As someone who has watched many games at Stevenage (what-I hear you all say!)the south stand, behind the goal, & the side terrace offer the best views & we have neither! If you don't want to sit you're lumbered in standing behind the goal in the only undeveloped & partly uncovered end of the ground at a cost of £13? Why have the better supported team been given the smaller standing area?

Whilst nothing will keep me away from the game I'm not impressed with the ground allocation, or the prices which are £3 higher than Stevenage charge for Conference games.

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