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WelshBob said:
Labour-soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime. Too many leftie pinko do gooders like Man from Mars with their namby pamby so called radical solutions to solving our social problems. Just give the burch to the little b*stards-guaranteed to wipe out the problem.
In our local rag this week an elder lady told some lads off for nearly running over her dog on them annoying mini motorbikes and she was told to shut up else they would rape her. This disgusting disrespectful behaviour will just get worse unless they are "taught" some respect.
I see it all the time but somehow the old bill seem to miss it. Some Gabriel Kent from The Bill type coppers are seriously needed-these kids have no rules so their should be no rules in meating out justice to the little creeps. It's time for decent citizens to enact some positive change in society (Man from Mars excluded).
You must have had a very harsh upbringing Taffy . Punishment is not the answer ,trying to discover the cause IS. I shall categorise you in with the other beat the crap out of em types . Throughout British history violence is met with violence/punishment and where are we now ? Prisons over filled because of people like you Taffy . So whats the Answer then ? Discover what the cause is ,Thats the Answer.Talking to the youngsters not beating them senceless

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Why not just leave them in the pit with their knives so that they can save us the price of the bullets and televise it, reality TV at it best!

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