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Name the Finalists


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World Cup 2006

Germany & France 13/8

Italy & France 5/2

Germany & Portugal 3/1

Italy & Portugal 5/1


For me its got to be the hosts Germany v France. France because they are improving still though their "peak" could have already come against the Brazilians.Germany,obviously because they have home advantage & they have been pretty consistent though in their last game they were vulnerable at times.

Of the others Portugal havent really shown up much but with some vital players back might well cause a shock.Italy havent really been all that & have really struggled through i.m.o.though it wouldnt surprise me to see them "peak" sometime this week.

Its GERMANY V FRANCE for me with the FRENCH coming out victorious in the final.

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Thank U Rob, I live & learn every day! So if that is the case why are they playing for Germany! Or have they qualified by living in the country for so long, bit like the England cricket team?

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Think I will change my mind from Germany beating France. Think it will be Italy against France unless of course Portugal beat the French.

Better still would love to see Sandy Ezekiel fight Jimmy Godden or does their close friendship stop that?????????????????????

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I'll change my mind too Frankie seeing as your post is AFTER tonights event.

Cracking game. Just how football should be played. Both teams going all out for the victory. Two magnificent goals with plenty of

I cant be the only one wanting to see France stuff the Portugese in the other semi.Come on France! Never thoughtI'd ever be saying that!

France to beat Italy in the final still though. Italy peaked tonight I think. Mind you France peaked against Brazil,so its going to be another cracker of a final I reckon. Please dont lets have the Portugese get through. I just have a feeling that Ronaldo will get his cum-uppence tomorrow night & watch for that Henry hat-trick!!!

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Well not only did Henry NOT get that hat-trick he was non exsistent in a game that,by last nights standard,was really boring.Though I fancied the French before to take the trophy I somehow now find myself shifting opinion to the Italians. The French played out of their skin against Brazil & though tonights game was a different type of game against clowns their workrate wasnt so good. The Italians seem to have improved with each game & for that reason I am changing my mind yet again & going for an Italian win. Italy 2 France 1. Germany to piss all over the Portugese on Saturday in the third/fourth place play off.

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