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MFC 5 - 2 Fisher ..... match report ......


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Agree with you CE. Our lads deserve more credit than they are getting. Fisher have an excellent team and once they get the match practice they will be a real force in Conference South. We played very well yesterday and were too good for them on the day.


Pat Sappleton looks to be well worth signing.

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Margate thoroughly deserved the victory yesterday,friendly or no friendly. I cant imagine anyone saying otherwise but the point is that we outplayed them & won so it stands to reason that other teams in the Conference South will manage to do the same.Therefore,having said that their chances of succeeding one league higher must be doubted. Good players indeed but some are also getting on a bit so all in all they will have their work cut out this season.

Improvement can be expected from them I'm sure but they cant seriously be seen as title contenders on that showing even though that was down to our players outplaying them.

Believe me Margate get the accolades from yesterday without a doubt.The credit DOES go to our team & it is well deserved & I think that was plain to see by everyone. They definately HAVE got the credit they deserve.

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The boys in blue did great.


I thought Protheroe was absolutely awesome and controlled the game.Nice touch from him post match asell to shake all the younger players hands.


Must not get carried away however,as really we only got back into the game after two goalkeeping errors;but yes we looked good after that.


Fisher will have learnt more than RT did from the game;as in friendlies, you usually learn more from losing.


Having said that, i think RT will have learnt that he does have some decent young players to back up the main squad.

Just hope RT does not 'burn out Pinnock and Hockton before the season starts.

I think i'd wrap them in cotton wool now until the first league game.

If DH gets injured we are in a bit of a mess

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