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Roy on Time FM


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all i can find on the time fm website is this...



Slough town's money problems continue and their woes haven't been helped by the departure of defender Jamie Jarvis to Kinstonians. On a positive note the Rebels have made some headway into finding a new home.

28 November 2006

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Reading Rebel said:
According to the local rag the discussions between Roy and the council revolved around trying to get back to Wexham Park.

Sounds like a real ground breaking meeting talking about something that, as far as I'm aware, is an impossibility.

not an impossibility by any means but it would require an extremely large amount of capital to purchase the stadium and car park outright, let alone refurbish the ground. Failing that we could rent the place off Mayfair Communications and still be in the same position we are now.
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It shouldn't come as a shock that they would prefer the club to move back to Wexham Park, because they see it as easier than allowing someone to buy land and build a new ground on another site (if there is even any land available). As you said, we've been through this time and time again, and we come to the same conclusions - can going back to Wexham Park realistically work and be beneficial to the club? Not if we're only renting, as Liam says.

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