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Worthing 1 Billericay Town 3


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A bit of a battle this one, not made any easier by the performance of the ref and a certain linesman but we'll leave that alone for the time being and concerntrate on the positives. Quite a physical game, whichshouldn't've suprised anyone with Worthing near the bottom of the league, scrapping for Ryman survival. All three 'Ricay goals were quality, the first a header by Nathan from a Whelpdale cross. The second, a defensive slip from a central defender let Nathan in to chip the ball past the goalkeeper...The third from substitute Joe Flack, latching onto a Matt game cross, turning and shooting from inside the area, leaving the Worthing keeper cltuching at nowt!!!


The Worthing goal was a penalty. I spoke to Dormer after the match and he said he didn't touch the Worthing player and won the ball...from where I was standing it looked clear cut but...well, I was at the other end, behind the home goal...I couldn't possibly comment.


I could go into a tirade of adjectives about the officials but won't as we've got three deserved points and our's and other teams results have certainly put a smile on my face. I will say this though, perhaps we should have some wine gums available on the bench... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

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The only way Worthing were going to score today was from a pen, and given the performance of the referee was it any surprise they got one? Like Gaz, couldn't see the decision but given the way certain amongst the worthing players were diving about Dorms could well be right...


For us I thought it was a performance of grit and determination. Not necessarily our most fluent performance but three well taken goals showed what we've been missing while Nathan and Joe have been unavailable.


Good trip on the coach as well, top marks to Umbrella man for getting the beers in <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />



McSweeney Heffer Blewitt Kerrigan

Whelpdale Hunter Dormer Hodges

Elder Holland


Game for Hodges

Flack for Holland

Burbridge for Elder

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December is a make or break month for our league season, and weve started in the best possible fashion.


What we need know is what weve struggled for all season (and further back than that), consistency.


A few more wins before the new year and well be in or close to the play off places.

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Any win is welcome, especially one away from home.


Agree we were not at our best but we stuck at it for the whole 90 minutes and that is something the lads should be pleased with.


We wanted our strikers to contribute more goals and they did, we wanted to convert a better percentage of our chances and we did, we wanted to regain a bit more defensive tightness and we did.


The ref was rubbish, but that's what you get at this level. For what it's worth I thought that the pen was a foul (I was a long way away) and I thought that Gameo did not foul their player prior to Flackie's goal (I was very close) so IMO both the key decisions were correct, although it would be interesting to compare the foul count for and against!!!


I think it's beyond argument that the final result was the right one. The league is so tight. We now have two home games against the teams immediately above us.


Well done to the lads for today..it was a fun day out.

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Not the prettiest of games, but we've lost these sorts of matches before, so three points is welcome. We will however need to improve next week against Wimbledon. Three quality goals, and Elder looks as if he's getting back to form. Sets it up nicely for the AFC game.

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That was a big 3 points, and i think the players enjoyed that one. Thought Blewitt was really on his game particularly well, but also the intelligent through ball by Leon to put Nath in for his second was nice. Was not the prettiest of games as Worthing need points too, but we kept our heads and most defientely were the deserved winners. That is better lads!


Just a side thought though, Macca did have a biggy shout at Worster for not coming off his line at one point. That shows good competitiveness, but Ronnie (i thougt) went slightly into his shell after that. Ronnie is only 18 and hopefully Matt will do the arm round shoulder to help him along in that aspect.


Anyway, good win, a good day out..No incidents to report on our journey either. Had a woman driver and she 'err well got us there and back without a hitch <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> But where was that old and knackered coach we passed going to i wonder <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/whistling.gif" alt="" /> By the way big ta for the beers UM.. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/top.gif" alt="" />

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cant really add too much. I think today we had three chances and scored 3 goals which was a nice change (should have been 4 chance had nathan not played a 1-2 with hodges from the corner!).

All that mattered today was getting the 3 points so it was a job very well done.

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Good game to watch thought blewett had a good game again, elder finished his chances very well and that is what we need our forwards to get us goals and if we keep scoring we should creep up that table and finally get the league to realise what a force we are. In respect to our younger players, as i said blewett had a v good game, whelps wasnt as good as he could have been on saturday, but sure he will step it up for wimbledon and worster i thought had another assured game in goal excluding the mishandled cross (everyone makes mistakes sometimes)

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