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Steve Watts ......


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My thoughts too. According to what I read, he can't commit to full time football. (Goodness knows how they do that at Fisher but that's a whole other debate.)

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No money left surely, for such a player,is there? Great striker though, even at his time in life. Get the cash for him & we really would be on to a good thing & going places.


But I doubt we could stretch to his requirement,the amount that would tempt him here anyway. I think thats a no-goer i.m.o. However it dosen't hurt to talk about him.I see Lenny Piper has been out of the team too recently but Edinburgh's departure has seen him come back in & do well again.

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Do you know what type of player he is then Michael,OFF the field?I think he's a cracking target man & a direct player.Certainly a player that could feed of Jacko's magnificent crosses.Trotty has similar players here now in terms of experience & I haven't seen TOO many problems arising so far,if any, have you?

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Frankie100 said:
Certainly cheap Tony!!!!

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Crikey,hello frankie. Where you been all day? Long night maybe ! I wouldnt REALLY have booked you you know!
Who told you what my fees are? Nice to have your humour back.
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Been involved with Legion stuff.


Wished the game had been played yesterday as would have saved me a 12 hour drinking session at the Legion.


That said I did meet the brother of ex Liverpool/Everton/Ipswich/England player David Johnson and had a long chat about football and how the players in the 70's and 80's treated fans compared to todays prima donas.


Then they acted like Robin and Jimmy treat us in the bar after a match, giving time to us, whilst the current Premiership players treat fans before and after the game like something on their shoes.

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It's official on Bromley Site:


Bromley are pleased to announce that Steve Watts has agreed terms to join the Club. The prolific goalscorer left Fisher Athletic recently having netted almost 100 times in two and a half seasons with The Fish. Manager, Mark Goldberg is delighted to have captured the player, saying: "Steve is a great signing for us who has a proven track record not only at Ryman level but in the leagues above as well

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