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Know your Friends.


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Know your Friends.

We all have friends and being lively people we have little digs at each other and know which buttons to press to get our friends wound-up.


But of course being friends we stop at going too far and then look for the laughter lines that get the friendship back on track.

One of the few rules to friendship is never take the little digs to snide level, never go over the line into long term damage


In non-league football friendships are formed between individuals and clubs and they generally last for many years becoming part of each other’s history.


Likewise dislike can be generated by the unthinking that can escalate to the weak minded and on to unacceptable behaviour when the snide discussion by intelligent people seeps into the minds of the feeble minded and more than verbal digs gain position on the menu.


We all know our friends by how they look on us, how they speak with us and how they behave towards us.


May I be the first to wish all our friends a very merry prosperous and friendly Christmas and a warm welcome to our joint histories?

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Paula said:
If its off i'm going to see Hert v Potters Bar

Long way to go on a Tuesday night, Paula.
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