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Cambo 1 Ash 0


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Feisty local derby, Ash had guy sent off in 1st half, we miss penalty and one very good chance where gk makes decent save. Oh yeah and JJ has shocking touch in front of dug outs!!!!


2nd half we hit post, keeper makes 2 more very good saves before young Jeffers finishes well from edge of box. Our keeper then makes one good save to keep us ahead. They have about 10 penalty appeals turned down. My head is still pounding, gaffs your boys have some competition in the moaning stakes.


I hear JJ was having a nice chat with our right back after he missed the pen, quality!!

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Johnno here. Not got the sulks.


Easter and all the school holidays are my most busiest time with my Judo school. I do Judo camps every school holiday which last all week and all day so not near my pc and usually too knackered to get on here.


The camberley game was attrocious. Pitch awful (as you'd expect), ref awful as we've all come to expect, and absolutely no good football played on a derby game.

Player sent off for a landed punch (so says the ref). No one else saw it. Our player claims he pushed the cam player away after seeing the cam player elbow 2 of our players while the corner was being taken. I'm quite sure there was no punches as it certainly wasnt that bad a game. Still cant raise ur arms or shove players though.

Ash played with 10 men for 65 mins and conceeded with 10 mins to go. Scrappy goal and we could have got an equaliser in the dying mins. Got back to winning ways on the monday with a good performance against Guildford. Hopefully have sent them down.

Banstead Thursday and revenge i hope!!!!

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Originally Posted By: Krooner
Talk us through the "Ball is as flat as this club" comment JJ smile

couldnt think of bugger else to say. It wasnt meant to be disrespectful. Not that sort of player. Was a frustrating game!! Looking forward to the cup semi on Thursday!!
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