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England Amateur team result

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ISLAND NARROWLY LOSE TO SLOVAKIANS ( with thanks to the Isle of Man News )


THE Island national football side suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat in their Uefa Regions Cup Group Four opener with Slovakian side Bratislava.

In a very hot Trutnov the Slovakians took the lead in the 31st minute when a corner was swung in by Igor Gabris and Peel midfielder Nick Hurt headed into his own net.


Throughout the opening 45 minutes the Eastern Europeans had looked technically adept and moved the ball at pace, causing the Manx some real problems.


But St George's striker Calum Morrissey struck back on the hour mark to restore parity to the scorlines before Nick Hurt rattled the crossbar with a good effort.


The Island outfit, representing England, looked all set to earn a draw but Bratislava's Patrick Kretter denied the Manx a point with a late goal.



Mark Blair (Laxey); Julian Ringham (St George's); Sean Quaye (St George's); Nigel Shimmin (Peel); Daniel Lace (Peel); Nick Hurt (Peel); Lee Dixon (St Mary's); Chris Bass Jr (St George's); Jonny Myers (St George's); Calum Morrisey (St George's); Ross Williamson (Laxey).


The match was the first of three in a week-long group stage and should the Manx top the standings, they will qualify for the final group stage to be held in Bulgaria this summer.


Isle of Man manager Kevin Manning has named an 18-man squad for the tournament and virtually all those players can be expect to be involved given the hectic schedule of three games in six days.


On Thursday the Island face home side Hradec Kralove before clashing with Northern Ireland's Eastern Region on Saturday.



Mark Blair (Laxey), Grant Dawson (Ayre Utd), Julian Ringham (St George's), Daniel Lace (Peel), Sean Quaye (St George's), Nigel Shimmin (Peel), Lee Dixon (St Mary's), Kevin Megson (Peel), Nick Hurt (Peel), Ross Williamson (Laxey), Calum Morrissey (St George's), Chris Bass Jr (St George's) Jim Travers (Laxey), Paul Jones (Rushen), Mark Teare (Douglas Royal), Jonny Myers (St George's), Martin Reilly (St Mary's), Michael Hooper (Old Boys).


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well it wasnt for footballing reasons when you are getting done 5-0 grin hi harry potter :wave:

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on the road to glory you lose some battles but you win the war.flattering result for the bees against probably the Hullbridge youngest ever side.To be honest with the young and depleted side we have been putting out in the last few games,i expected a result like this earlier.As i said before due to the forced absences we used these last games of the season to give a bit of match experience to our youngsters:we couldn't go any higher with bas utd and eton manor having 4 games in hand each.Basildon scored last few goals with us down to 9 players because of injuries to oggers(shoulder) and macca(achilles).It's all part of a building process for a club that is trying to give themselves a solid platform for the future and as a manager you must be prepared to go through these highs and lows.Certainly is much better than when i joined last year...5 places better and looking forward to our pre-season.Mind you,we could be talking about a first ever senior cup final for Hullbridge in 2 weeks time...

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Originally Posted By: onebreast
coachie results seem to have gone downhill since you signed JP !!! or actually more likely its because you signed Oggers !!!

alki haven't showed him any Coachies mesocycles yet...wait once the season is over grinit will be like going back to school for JP...
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Originally Posted By: crfcboss
Allways knew steve was the brains !

i make you right....i haven't got the same pedigree..
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Originally Posted By: crfcboss
Ill give ten youll still be bottom 4 !

I wouldn't bet on it matey cool
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Cheers smallsy!


Mr Smith, I take you up on that offer.


Trenks - trust me mate I know! But when I joined the club I was told what was going to happen and agreed with the process, so would rather take some losses but build for the future than win the remaining games without allowing the youngsters a go.



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