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dean austin


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Bill Chippinton gives 'his side of the story' under the banner headline "I was wasting my time", clearly in response to the Chairman's 'backstabbing' story of last week, and then the hack obviously spoke to Gibbo who gave a couple of quotes defending himself. All rather unsavoury, I'm afraid, Zag.


The second piece on the back page concerns the new manager and Gibbo talks about the views of Dean Austin and Nick Roddis and if I were either of them, I wouldn't be very impressed.


Not a good day.



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Originally Posted By: Zagreus
What publicity is that then? I haven't had the chance to look at the paper yet.

Bill Chip spills the beans re; his resignation and JG talks about the reasons why he’s not appointed a manager yet. Apparently he wants to review all alternatives before exploring the Nick Roddis option in more depth

Excuse the spilling the beans pun! It’s not an ideal simile for a haulage firm!
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Any more news on Dave Tavener’s decision to step down as the match reporter for Saintsnet? I presume that also means his reports will be missing from the St Albans Observer. It’s a shame he’s made this decision as I don’t think there is a website for a single Conference side or many league teams for that matter that provide such in-depth analysis and so speedily after a match.


Good luck with the Centenary Book Dave. I’m sure it will be a hefty and indispensable tome for every Saints fan.


BTW, why does the HertsAd carry more detail on the Saints matches and news stories than the SAO that has to be purchased?

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Two quick points, DofY.


Firstly, it would be wise not to presume anything. I hear that David Tavener does intend to continue to scribble the match reports for the Observer next season.


Secondly, I have had a sight of the 'Fleet match report that is to appear in the Herts Advertiser tomorrow. That chap knows how to write a quality piece of work. I wouldn't be surprised if they put it forward for Sports Journalist of the Year. Eat your heart out Simon Barnes. And that Ridley chap.

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What, half loan and half sponsorship?


The accounts of the company will show whether there a debt to Chippington Haulage in the form of a loan, of course. We will have to wait for the accounts to be published. in 18 months time.


It's pathetic for this stuff to be aired in the local rag, in my view.


On the one hand, this is a bad time for the Observer to be talking to Gibbo in view of the funeral of his mother this week, but on the other hand, it might have been better if he had told the hack to bUgger off and leave him alone just now.


The exchanges concerning Bill Chippington do nobody any good, least of all 'our' football club. And public comments by the Chairman in the press concerning specific applicants for the post of manager is certainly not the right way, in my view.


In particular, I found the piece concerning the appointment of a new manager fascinating


Gibbo is actually quoted as follows: "We want someone to came in and not just look at the first team but get involved with the reserve team we are setting up and it is a lot of responsibility".


One could interpret "get involved" (with the reserves) as "look after". That's not quite what I am hearing. For me, the manager has to have overall control of the football side of the club. I hear that the Reserve team manager has already been 'ear-marked' if not appointed by the board and that may be a problem for any new Supremo.

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