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Wakering Beat Sudbury


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Bit worried about the half time review......


If Sudbury are creating chances then they could just grab those all important 3 points even if Wakering are the better side.




On a very very hard and bumpy pitch,Great Wakering Rovers are the better side,but Afc Sudbury have had the more chances....



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Tonights table


C AFC H 41 30 7 3 93 27 +62 100

2 Harlow Town 41 23 10 8 66 30 +36 79

3 Enfield Town 41 23 7 11 69 39 +30 76

4 Maldon Town 41 19 11 11 48 41 +7 68

5 AFC Sudbury 41 18 13 9 66 41 +25 67

6 Canvey I 41 19 10 12 65 46 +19 67

7 Waltham F 41 17 14 10 59 51 +8 65

8 Ware 41 18 10 13 66 56 +10 64

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Originally Posted By: ronin
Originally Posted By: cantos
Should be a cracking day saturday.

What are the 3 important fixtures?

4 fixtures! All away

Canvey v Enfield
AFC Sudbury v Tilbury
Maldon v Potters Bar
Waltham Forest v Harlow

Anything could happen with those games and i don't think you could hazard a guess as to what will be the final outcome - big day saturday and an exciting end to our season one way or the other............the players must be really up for it.
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I'll try and find the phone numbers for Tilbury, Potters Bar and possibly Harlow. Think those clubs may be getting a few phone calls on Saturday.

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They are all on the official Ryman site but i`m never sure if it`s a good thing to know the scores during the game or not, plus you may well speak to some joker who thinks it`s funny to make up the scores. All we can do is win our game and hope for the best.

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You may be needed to provide score updates then, Paula.

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good game at Wakering tonight, despite the result....a real great advert for the league.If you set up a scores update on this forum,I will get my daughter, who will be doing the updates on our site....to post on here. As you say, if we dont beat Tilbury, we dont deserve the play offs! Good luck to you lot,its Maldon I want to get edged out, not you or us!

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Originally Posted By: sudburyroyal
Its Maldon I want to get edged out, not you or us!

I agree too. I was expecting Enfield Town to be playing AFC Sudbury in Tuesday night's Play-Off Semi-Final. I now have a feeling it will be Canvey Island who visit Goldsdown Road after last nights result.

Good luck to both teams on Saturday. It would be great if you can do Town a favour by nudging Maldon out and preventing Harlow Town from getting their bye!
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