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New Player

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He actually spells his name Paull (yes that is correct 2 l's). He is a right winger who does track back and has the abillity to make himself available in space. His biggest draw back is that he is a confidence player and needs encouragement. If you treat him right he will probally get you between 6-12 goals a season.


Unfortunaltley last season the barrack boys decided that it was him they would have a go at and, his head dropped a bit. I do hope you treat him right and, he delivers for you (except when he plays against us).


He does unfortunatley have a habit of picking up stupid yellows so expect a couple of suspensions.


Finally best of luck Paull and good wishes for your new club.

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Hello and welcome Paul(L) ! grin As my learned friend above pointed out - You will receive truck loads of encouragement. Give it everything for the Ricay shirt and just see what happens wink


Matt has certainly been eyeing i would hazard a guess.

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The rest of the team completely mobbed him on the halfway line Keith, with their manager looking on in disbelief and there X goalie (just for Bitch) flat on the ground with a look that said where the F**k did that come from. Hope he turns in some good performances for you as on his day is a little gem of a player. Just give him loads of confidence as Joseba said.

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Have to agree.The Tonbridge keeper was entirely at fault with that goal.It was merely a big hoof really from Paul from the half-way line.Flew high into the air towards goal & the keeper completely misjudged the ball,came out too far & the ball went in over his head.I dont think you can judge his goalscoring ability on that one goal.However,for us,on the day,it was a magnificent goal(naturally)if you see what I mean.


Paul in my opinion is a decent midfield player but not a wide man. Too many times he was playing outside when & again i.m.o he would have been better suited in the central midfield position. He didnt play up to Trottys expectations & I think thats the reason why,not having played in the position where he could show his true talents. I'm sure Paul has more to offer & maybe a change with you will do the trick. Looks like he runs on tip-toes if you watch him but not a player that stood out last season. Had an illness of some sort if I recall correctly last season which kept him out of the line up for most of the season.His lack of form had nothing whatsoever to do with any fans getting on his back,as mentioned further up on this thread. That came AFTER his lack-lustre performances but it was done on the forum & not on the day of the match might I add.

Will be interesting to see how he fares up there with you.


Good luck to Paul anyway.

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Runs his tip-top toes off but is lack -lustre.


Missed most of the season with illness, but didn't stand out.


Scored a wonder goal, but it was merely a big hoof.




Well, after a good pre season, with Broomy & Jen keeping him fit, and plenty of hoofing, we'll have a good player by the sounds of it.




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