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Paul Abbot

c'mon ricay

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A very good player down the right and not afraid to get his boot in and despite what some people on this board may think of him as player we really did miss him when he was out injured, the only major critscism of him is he is guilty of fading out of games at times and really looking out of sinc with whats going on around him.

None the less a good signing for you, and a loss for the gate "imo".

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Completely agree G4TW. Him and McKimm were massive misses for us in the final third of the season. Without Abbott on the right we never looked as balanced. Probably our most underated player. Good luck Abbo' except against us!

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Not a bad player, certainly had his moments. Superb in some games: Worthing, Folkestone. But then dreadful in others - Tonbridge at home, I seem to remember. When his confidence his up, he flies past players with ease and certainly looks a top-class player. But he was played out of position for a few games, lost his confidence and, predictably, the Margate "faithful" often got on his back.

Anyway, certainly has the potential. All the best Abbo!

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Under-achieved last season I thought though we have never really seen his true potential.As others have said had his days both on & off but he does tend to hold back much too often.Needs to be more assertive.To be fair to him he did get an illness of some sort which prevented him getting a full season in the side.

Not a prolific goalscorer but had a couple of good goals nevertheless not including his 40yd lob at Tonbridge where the Tonbridge keeper managed to completely misjudge it. Was no-more than a hopeful lob from distance that looped over the advancing keeper.That was a monumental [****!!****]-up by that goalkeeper on the day as I recall.Maybe a change of club will get him in the right frame of mind. Was disappointing when here I thought.I'm sure there is more in his locker though.. Good luck to him.

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