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Uncle Urchin

daily mail banned in public places

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el presidente elect mon cherie blair.. fresh from her state visit to her council estate roots in kirkby has today forced through her private office (parliament to the hoi poloi) a bill banning the reading of the daily mail in public..


from today all daily mail readers must use public toilets or the privacy of their own homes to peruse said nasty things being written about our beloved first lady in the paper..any law abiding member of the public seen reading said tabloid will be immediately incacerated and fined the value of their home..


in another ground breaking bill...el presidente elect mon cherie has decreed that as from the 1 august 2007.. there will be another bill passed forcing all private shops and businesses to allow gypsies immigrants and potential robbers access to their toilets regardless of whether they are patrons or customers of said establishments or not...a hefty fine will be imposed on all dissenters and refusees to comply with this act of statesmanlike generosity..el presidente mon cherie has of course stopped just short of allowing this street scum into her numerous private residences and downing street but no doubt the rest of us will shortly be forced into allowing all sorts of rif raf to use our home toilets...kirkby is of course safe from this bill as no fcker would dream of using a toilet there anyway...





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