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Burnham Lad

Apologies, Unc, But Fck me it gets EVEN worse

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I could not believe it today on the news that (and no criticism of her) but a Data Entry clerk gets £484K for an RSI injury, whilst a serving soldier with a similar disability gets £16,500!


As usual the professional liars and hypocrites (is that a qualification for working there?)at the MOD are anxious to justify the difference, which is totally unjustifiable IMHO. They were obviously frightened she would sue, whilst the poor bl**dy soldier is prevented from doing so.


"For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"

But it's "Saviour of 'is country," when the guns begin to shoot;

An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;

But Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool - you bet that Tommy sees!"


Rudyard Kipling

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Originally Posted By: The Pagester
great post, and 100% right

What a signal to be sending out to the youth

as Vis and other long standing contributers will recall..I was much against the war in iraq but also supported the quick in and out blitz that we were promised....selfishly and unashamedly because my then young teenage son was involved as a member of an airbourne regiment..(some may recall his few postings as airbourne urchin)..the quicker it was over for me the better...we all had a healthy debate at the time and agreed to disagree

he served his country well and returned safely...he left behind several good friends who's families received a paltry few quid in compo...he himself was given 2 grand when he left the regiment for further education they don't teach these commandos to earn a living you see...they teach them how to kill people for queen and country...a skill not really required in civvie street...

every one of my son's fellow soldiers said the same thing...

we're here..we're in it and we fight for each other...not the corrupt and couldn't care less people that send us here....we shall all leave as soon as we can...

he left eventually... bewildered and uncertain of why he was there....fortunately he has since rebuilt his life and is slowly coming to terms with it all....he also lost his mother this year which hardly helped him grow stronger post his military duties...I am no longer as close to him as I was and I understand that and hopefully time will heal the pain for him...and me and nett..(his stepmum)

he got 2 grand for risking his life...some silly useless clunt gets half a million for spraining a wrist....fck me...I should carry on typing until I sprain mine... grin

not funny I know...but you get my drift...

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well, thats clearly a disparity.....the silver lining maybe, that a high profile press report, may bring about some review or change in the "rules"


doesnt help individuals at the moment, but may improve it in the long term

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The scandal lies with the compensation tariffs placed on soldiers who are injured in combat.


In the case of the data entry clerk civil legal proceedings had already started and it is irrelevant who her employer is. The vast majority of her award is for future loss of earnings as both her medical evidence and that independently obtained by her employer confirmed that it was highly unlikely that she would be able to return to work. This is a lass in her twenties so she had another 40 years of work ahead of her. I think this is a pretty poor piece of journalism and I'm not surprised they have not named the clerk because it is not her fault the rules are an ass. I should also add that to succeed with her claim she would have had to establish negligence on the part of her employer. Th


The MOD awards to injured soldiers compensate them for their injuries only. There is no consideration of future loss of earnings or other expenses involved and that clearly cannot be right.


Incidentally the tariffs involved seem very similar to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board that applies to innocent civilians injured during the course of a crime. The awards quantify an injury which just seems wrong.


The only fair way to compensate an injured person whether it be a soldier, civilian injured through negligence or a person injured by some thug is to evaluate the impact on their life as a whole and make the award accordingly. Sadly that takes time and money and independent review which is why the grossly unfair tariffs exist.

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A great post Andrew.


I sometimes wonder if people who sign up to join the armed forces realise that the politicians make the decisions, but the forces take the blame.


Remember Lt (?) Caley and the Le Mai (sp) massacre in Vietnam ?


Told to go into the village and dispatch VC sympathisers with extreme prejudice, which is what he then did.


Court Martialed on his return to the US and sent down, albeit not for very long. The power of the press has something to do with it.

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