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pop quiz


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A: The Artic Monkeys

B: Berlin

C: Get Cape(Town), Wear Cape(Town), Fly Cape(Town)

D: The Dubliners

E: Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band

or Echo (Beach) and the Bunnymen

F: Nikki French (who remembers Nikki French ?)

G: James Galway

H: Whitney Houston

I: The Ice(land)icle works



L: The London Boys


N: New York Dolls

O: Ottawa

P: Portishead

Q: Queens of the (Weald)Stone Age


S: Dusty Springfield or Snow(Don) Patrol

T: Texas

U: Utah Saints

V: Victoria Adams (posh spice)

W: Kanye West (Drayton)


Y: Sydney Youngblood


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Originally Posted By: Coffin Ender
Hatboy, ask anyone who read the NME in the late 80s - I'm sure they wouldn't remember them either! Bradford would be best known (if at all) for a song called Skin Storm.

Is that the same Skin Storm that Morrissey did ?
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Amen Corner, To Hell With Burgundy, Calexico, Dimmu Borgir, Elbow, Fairport Convention, Geezers of Nazareth, Architecture in Helsinki, I'm From Barcelona, Jordan, Kilburn and the High Roads, Leyton Buzzards, Mull Historical Society, North Sea Orchestra, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Phoenix, Q65, Rock Steady Crew(e), Stockholm Monsters, Turin Brakes, Ume, Virginia Astley, Whiskeytown, XScape, Yazoo, Zanzibar

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