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Dorking 0-5 Camberley


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Chicks were as bad tonight as they were decent at Ash. Two down after 9 minutes - the attempt at defending the second was pure keystone cops. Three down just after half time meant game over, although it was probably that after 5 minutes of the first half in truth. The ref wasn't great, but the Chicks captain hardly covered himself in glory with his assessment that the ref was a 'stupid kent' loudly echoing around Meadowbank shocked Not sure if the red card was brandished just before that remark or just after!


Camberley were efficient without being brilliant, but then they didn't need to be.

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Newman was sent off for the tackle, second yellow, but as you say hardly did himself any favours and probably will get a misconduct charge for his open description of the referee's performance doah


I did not think he was good either and made some strange decisions but dont they all. wink


The result was not down the the ref, Dorking played poorly if recent reports are to go on and Cambo although understrength work as a team.

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Yes sorry mate, Glyn had too shoot off just into the second half, player dislocated his knee at training, so wanted to get back to see how the player was.


Seems it popped out then pooped back in again but apparently he was in a bit of pain !!!, Phiz was on hand fortunately but still went to get it checked out at the hospital so waiting to hear how bad he is.

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Originally Posted By: El_Gaffer
Originally Posted By: Krooner
It was a forum fest last night. Know of at least 6 posters there last night.

Blimey, you'd think some people would have better things to do

Yes, quite agree EG, they should have been on here! I had to talk football with people it was that shockingly quiet! shocked
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Ha Ha. Good to see you last night EG. PB was looking for you all in the bar afterwards and when you were not there he started muttering something about BTK's.

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Ha not even going to bite at the drink banter, probably the only kent on here to have put his hands in his pockets hey gussy, teffs, kroons.


Be amazed if the stand is still standing, that one bench had a lot to withstand last night!!!!

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