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The Wimbledon Wobble Continues

Serious Sid

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AFC Wimbledon 2 Horsham 4

Ashford 3 Ramsgate 0

Billericay 1 Hendon 1

Harrow 1 East Thurrock 0

Heybridge 0 Hastings 1

Leyton 1 Carshalton 4

Maidstone 2 Wealdstone 2

Margate 1 Harlow 1

Tonbridge 0 Chelmsford 1


Reckon our lads better be wearing suits of armour next week when we visit East Thurrock.



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It's an amazing league, everyone beating everyone else. A bit of a general statement, but you know what I mean. The Wombles wobbling, Horsham re-finding form, it makes for an intriguing end to the season.


The weather has been foul over here today so I dare say the wombles pitch may have carved up a bit. Anyway, looking forward to the forthcoming games all of which are going to be very tough indeed.

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Originally Posted By: Serious Sid
True, but we could overtake the Wombles at this rate. They have lost three in a row.

Incorrect, we won last Monday at Carshalton - shocking at times today though. We won't win the play-offs.
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Unc - Kel


If Horsham finish in a play off position, will they have to withdraw?


From what I heard on Thursday, the ground share with Crawley is likely to fall / has already fallen through, and the only other alternative is Horsham YMCA which is not up to Conference South standard.


So if they are not allowed to play in the play offs, does the second placed team get a bye, or does the sixth placed team move up into the play offs?

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Semi 5 - w/c 28th Apr 2nd placed club ILP v 5th placed club ILP

Semi 6 - w/c 28th Apr 3rd placed club ILP v 4th placed club ILP

Final 3 - Sat 3rd May Winner Semi 5 v Winner Semi 6


All matches will be decided over one match. The home team in each final will be the team finishing in the highest league position. The 3 final winners will be promoted to step 2. If any team in a playoff position is ineligible to move up to the next step then the teams finishing 6th and 7th will enter the playoffs. If this still does not produce 4 eligible teams then the highest placed team(s) will receive a bye(s)


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They changed it after the problems with Maldon not applying for promotion last season.

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