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Well I base mu support along the line of my life!!! Born in Bellshill (that's where the maternity hospital was) and brought up in Hamilton, that is why I will always support the Accies, as my Uncle started taking me there at 6. Then when I moved south I eventually landed in Gravesend for 12 years, started going to watch the Fleet and will always follow them too, then met wife number 2, her friend works at Charlton got me tickets, and been to most home games there since. So I follow them, and now I live about 5 mins from Thamesmead's ground, so I occassionally wonder over there. So that is me up to four and no more!!! Lol.



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Originally Posted By: billy nick
Darter, your dealing with small town pikeys on here thats the problem. Look at the saying above "MyFC are dealing with a bunch of players whose livelihoods are at stake. They support their families with what they earn"

Selective quoting spursphil. The "saying" also ends with "As long as everyone takes it as seriously as the players and the coaching staff do, then I don't see any problem""

And I don't see any problem. What's small town about that?
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Originally Posted By: Darter
ColtheJock, supporting more than one club gets me in trouble on here, but it evidently is Ok for others to do it!! I'm glad to see that I'm not alone .... which of course, I knew all along ... grin

I follow two teams, Ebbsfleet being my first and Arsenal... but I don't give anything to Arsenal. Arsenal are the side I've followed since I was a little kid, and been to see one friendly match in the past 15 or so years I've followed them. Apart from that and the one Arsenal shirt I own, none of my money has gone towards them. I folk out for Ebbsfleet United.
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I follow three teams, Fleet first, Man Utd 2nd (only because I wrote to Sir Matt after the 1968 Euro win and received a personal, signed reply from the man himself!) and East Fife (cousin Rob Scott was a former Centre Forward).

I also look out for Margit's results, because it is good to see a club fighting adversity (Sandy Ezikiel and Thanet council)

We are SO lucky we have Gravesham Council onside!!

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3 teams for me also:-


Obviously the 'Fleet first, followed by Manchester United (I have followed Man U for as long as I can remember, probably influenced by the dreadful Munich air crash which happened when I was 4) and for some reason Berwick Rangers (I haven't got clue why, possibly because they are the only English team that play in Scotland???)


I also look for the Gillingham result in the hope that they have lost!

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Morning John, funny you should mention Gillingham, I was chatting to a mate a workyesterday , A Gills season ticket holder, he too is fed up with their 'Conference' standard football. I replied, "Conference football is better than what Gills play. Watch Monday's game or better still come and see it".

He is hopefully coming.

What will be interesting if MYFC win the vote to PTT for the Histon game. They are making a big play for it, as it televised.

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What the above says to me, is that the bulk of us on here, are good honest football supporters, who will back teams through the good and bad :-) As for Arsenal, my wife's family support them really and her brother has a season ticket, I have been to the Emirates once, and our daughter is half Charlton, half Arsenal!!! Arsenal should have come back to Woolwich!!! Lol.

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