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Fans Focus - Non League Football

Tonight's match

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Going to be bloody freezing. Hope they are selling hot bovril at the van.

I wonder if Liam will ring the changes after Saturday.

My feeling is that he will, as although there is money to be made - the cup we really need to do well in is the Trophy.

Don't expect the gate to be more than 600.


My team selection:


Pooley Murray Charles Hawkins

Shakes Slatter Hand Long

Ibe Moore


Subs Cronin, Ricketts, Barrett, Delicate, Purcell


ps, as I write this freezing rain and sleet have just started here in the Capstone Valley.

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Macca won't play tonight. We do need him though.


I think you may be about right on the attendance Gary. There were 300 odd at Eastbourne so it's an improvement on that at least.


My sources tell me that the Destiny Train will be fairly empty on its run down to Stonebridge Road this evening. They only took 42 to Rushden for the first round.

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Originally Posted By: Andrewc

Is that posh Chat'am or Gillin'am ?

Posh Chat'am..LOL

Was at Frankie Boyle's gig last month, and his support act (Martin Bigpig - a Norn Iron version of Billy Connolly) asked the locals from Chatham what they called themselves - "Chavs" was the unanimous reply!
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I've ordered some thermals! There's a great new gadgetty material called heattech. Check out the uniqlo site here for t-shirts etc. too.


Be like the Barrow boys and wear next to nothing in the freezing cold.


The little kiosk is open tonight, selling jacket potatoes with cheese, beans, coleslaw or chilli, pies pasties and sausage rolls. Tea coffee and cappuccino but no bovril frown We'll get some for next match. Hopefully the catering van has some.



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Cold cold night but inpatched we looked very good. Purcell was again hit and miss but when things came off for him he looks a talent.

Second half rolled on more and more the frost settled and the thickness of the frost near the halfway line tells you all you need to know about how much width we had last night.

Having said that we won 3 nil looked solid and can we get Darius on a contract for life smile he is class !

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