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A reflective view from the terraces...

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Most true Fleet fans are a hardy bunch. We can put up with failure, losing, getting close and yet so far as long - as we see effort on the pitch.


Last year we got it in Spades. To win the Trophy - that one day (alright and the Aldershot 2nd leg too) - paid back everything for a true Fleet fan. For once we exceeded all hope, all realistic expectation - we triumphed - we finished on top.


Why? Guts, effort, hard work, responsibility, team spirit, desire and no little skill from those who pulled on the shirt and who worked behind the scenes.


Those of us who have been following the Fleet for years had everything repaid. Past disappointments, the years of watching on cold nights at small grounds, the long trips to places like Merthyr to see us lose 4 -0, being the small fry for long periods to Datford and Maidstone - everything worth it for that feeling in May.


Yes there were 26,000 Fleet fans there that day who had a great day too but those few hundred who have been on the journey for years knew it was more than that - simply brilliant.


So this year we all no doubt expected again to move forward.


This post is not about a MyFc debate but MyFc is fact, did play a vital role last season and is now our future. This IS a critical year. If the MyFc initiative fails - then so do the Fleet. We MUST make it work.


What will help is more success, a measure of progress, hope.


People - whoever they are need success. They love winning. That is a fact. Yes we would still get a four to five hundred turning up if we were in Ryman South playing as part-timers but to get more we have to do well. Going backwards will not provide a sustainable future.


Our current squad will decide our future. If they continue to perform as they in the first half against FGR then we will fail - mid-table mediocrity at best or a relagtion dog-fight at worst. How many times are we now seeing pointing of fingers on the pitch, accusations, swearing at each other as opposed to the support and positive body language of last season?


We need to convince 20,000 people, most of whom never see us play to cough up

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Originally Posted By: BustaGut
Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
Good shout, Behindthe goal, but I think you have to include Liam in that as well. He picks the team,chooses the tactics and provides the motivation.
All that was missing, I'm afraid.

Hummm are you a advocate of PTT now then ?

I thought he was....As long as he PPT's! whistle biggrin1
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