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Where is The Spurs Fan


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I think young TSF is laxing lyrical on the Ebbsfleet forum.


Kroons, Young Man:- Given the size of this site, the advice given to Boy George very recently, on the start of his holiday might apply...............


"It Really Is Time To BROADEN Your HORIZON !!"




(I'm reliably informed that Boy George's HORIZON has been well and truly BROADENED of late !)



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dorking fc.


perhaps I should say something about that on here having been perhaps a little critical in the past!


The day the ltd co signed the lease with the council I stopped fighting for a new structure or ownership there.


The ltd co have won the right to stay there for the foreseeable future and continue their stewardship of Dorking FC.


After all I said about the club and everyone there, they were big enough to welcome me.


We now have any disagreements over a pint in the clubhouse, and share the pleasure of the goals and wins.


Everyone made mistakes, we have all learned from it.


The club, board, players and management have my full support and backing, and thanks to them all for their efforts this season.










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not tonight Josephine!


JR is correct, I am being myself over at Ebbsfleet and MYFC forum world, and tonight they have a trophy replay, which myfc have helped to get live on the myfc website.

Those not interested in Champions league or unable to get out tonight will be able to watch Ebbsfleet attempt to retain their grip on the trophy.


good luck to the village millionaires tonight.








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