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Fleecing The Fans

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Worst England top ever, and your right UM, looks like a cheap and nasty Turkey immitation. Whats with the red lining round the badge as well?? Worse thing for me though is that I have 2 young boys who will no doubt want the tops, and trying to explain to them what principles are is going to be like Ferguson saying 'Yanited' were the better team on Saturday!!!

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Originally Posted By: Matt CIFC
That photo looks too doctored to be genuine.

It wouldn't surprise me if it the real design...

I was looking on the new Umbro site and they were talking about how "each shirt has been tailored to fit each player perfectly" and how they took inspiration from top quality suits and old shirt designs... It also features the new England logo and 'vs' bit.

I hope it is that design!
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Nope, don't like that either! I like a retro design within reason, but this one looks like the players should have handle bar moustaches, arms folder, with one foot on a leather football with laces!

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