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Long: Daish faces difficult task at Ebbsfleet

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And I thought being a professional club chairman anc all that, you would be way too busy on a Saturday matchday afternoon to troll forum's.

I is certainly unprofessional to cricicise the way other clubs are run.But I suppose it's a steep learning curve for you,

It's all about having and receiving respect.

Like you lost on 3 forums.

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And more handbag waving. See you made the long trip to the match yourself Gaz, not.


You worry about your club and I'll worry about mine. If Ian wants to promote his story thats fine by me. You talking about respect is a bit of a joke though.

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I wonder how long before EUFC/MyFC, or Daish realise they can't afford to keep him on at his present salary. Then there comes the choice of him walking or the Club/Owners firing him and having to pay off the rest of his contract.



Here's the problem as I see it. There is actually no one at EUFC in charge. Like a lot of businesses in England it runs on auto pilot. The very few businesses that do stand out are normally run by very talented, forthright people. MyFC in its present guise would take about 3 months to decide the price of the Fleet Burger.


Yes, you're right, they see no point in paying him off, only to have to pay another manager. Daish is hardly going to walk. In this climate why would he? There isn't a queue of chairmen hoping to sign him. The money by all reports is good for his level. There is other dead wood that could be cleared out. I would be looking at the so called commercial manager and asking him to demonstrate how he has added to the bottom line since his appointment by David Davis.

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It was truly appalling Les.

A gutless, spineless performance.

But worst was the tactical ineptitude shown in the team selection, line up and tactics..

There are too many tough questions that need answers.

We were lucky to escape only losing 3-0.

Listening to the reception afterwards, Liam may not have lost the dressing room, but he has pretty much lost the supporters.

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