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Originally Posted By: Merv
Originally Posted By: It's Me

I'm still around but I don't use that alias any more (although I am still a moderator under that name).

My other alter-ego that I am tempted to bring back is Dr Zbungle. I had some real fun with that one until most of the people around me realised who it was. Me!

Matt still posts and, work permitting, is a big fan. But Ian now lives in the Caymen Islands after making his pile of dosh on the back of the work done mostly by Matt and myself. I understand he was asked to come back to put some money into the new Canvey FC but fears he will be arrested as soon as he returns to the UK. Don't fully understand the reasons why.

Hmmm wink

Back in the UK on Sunday laugh

I am sure I have an old pound note somewhere - but not sure it would help the club LOL

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