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Upgrading to new software

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We have now upgraded. I am slowly finding and correcting various errors.


One of them was a database error, which was causing various issues including editing, multiquote, logging in etc....


That has now been corrected.


Please let me know of other errors you find, but that database correction should have helped things a lot.


I have brought many sections back online, but there are still one or two to do.


It looks like the merge of avatars and photos did not go totally right, so if you are missing an avatar, please go to http://www.nonleague...usercp&tab=core and click on the button marked 'Change your photo'. I am looking to improve this in due course.


At the same time look through the various tabs and check out the various configurations available. Several of which are new.


Thank you for your continued patience in what is a large update.










Over the next 24-48 hours I plan to upgrade the software used on the site.


This is not a five minute job, however I have over the last 2 or 3 weeks been building a duplicate site and configuring that up, so I am fairly confident (famous last words!) that things will go well. Of course we might have one or two teething issues, but we will work through those.


There are however a few changes - most of them are good, such as tags, faster reply, inline preview of topics, hovercards etc., but one or two things have reached the end of their life.


The biggest change is connected with avatars. Sadly due to the risk of external sites, it will no longer be possible to link remotely to an avatar - instead you can upload it to the site. Also all avatars will simply be called 'photos' - so in effect we are merging both the personal photo and avatar. You still have multiple choices with regards to your image, you can elect to show your facebook or twitter image, you can show an image from your own gallery, you can use a gravatar or simply upload your own image. So there is still plenty of choice. Of course you can have any image as a 'photo' - it does not have to your image. It is possible that if you have a photo set you will lose that image (as we will be merging avatars into photos) - but if that happens, just upload a new image.


I am currently taking a backup of the site and will backup the database prior to uploading the new version.


The only section that will not be live is the links database and this will be disabled until we can upgrade that section. Some minor features will also be disabled, but re-enabled once the conversion has taken place.


There will be some downtime of a few minutes whilst I configure it all up, but I aim to keep this to a minimum.


This is all subject to me not finding any other major issues with the test site.


I will update this post with any changes or issues. You are welcome to reply with any questions or problems that you spot. (The revision time of the post will be shown below).



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I have now re-opened the forums following the upgrade.


I still have a few teething problems, which I will work on today.


Please report any issues and any comments below and not in any other topic as I will not see them!


You might find the speed a little slow initially, but this should pickup quickly.


Hopefully I will not have to take the forums down again. The extra message will remain for the next 24 hours whilst I configure everything.





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Where have the Avatars gone?


Avatars and personal photos are now one and the same.


You can update your photo/avatar from http://www.nonleague.co.uk/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=profileinfo


Click on the button marked 'Change your Photo'.


I currently see the West Ham badge as your photo (hopefully you see the same)

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I did elect to keep avatars - so not sure what happened to some of them - I do apologise.


Am going to try and sort out an alternative with club badges etc.


I have also found a database error, which I have corrected - this would not have helped matters at all.

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Every time I try to look at the Combined Counties Forum I get the message Internet Explorer is not responding and have to close the programme. Please advise


Which version are you running and do you see this on any other forum?

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8, and no this does not happen on any other forum.


So if you browse any other forum on here it is fine - strange - not aware of anything different on the CCL forum - but will check.


Are there any other skins available(& where do I go to change if yes).Writing all seems very pale looking to me especially on quotes.


I hope to have some alternative skins - the problem is they all take time to configure up. I have access to around a dozen that I could use.


I can also look at tweaking this skin. Perhaps make a new topic with suggestion on improvements.

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